TeslaCrypt Virus – Removal Instructions

TeslaCrypt is the new and improved version of previous TeslaCrypt programs that had disappeared for a few months. Not much has changed in the user interface that is exhibiting the same behaviors and notification files. TeslaCrypt attempts to blackmail victims for either very important files or the entire hard drive. The virus is actually file-encrypting ransomware that has now extended its usage of anonymous peer-to-peer networks. This extension has created a new peer-to-peer network that allows for a easier, quicker payoff for the infectors. Past TeslaCrypts used Tor gateway links to instruct Continue Reading

Malware Defender 2015 Virus – Removal Instructions


Malware Defender 2015 is another creation of Rogue.FakeVimes, the creator of Windows Security Master and Windows Defence Unit. Malware Defender 2015 is a downloadable computer software that disguises itself as an antivirus when it fact, it isn’t. Malware Defender 2015 leads people to believe that it is actually capable of removing computer viruses and infections. […]

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Antivirus Defender 2015 Virus – Removal Instructions


Antivirus Defender 2015, Also called System Defender is one of the rouge anti-virus programs that trick computer users into buying it by displaying alarming virus notifications.  Antivirus Defender 2015 as the name connotes, advises the user of the impending threat brought about by virus infections that have supposedly managed their way into the computer system. […]

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CryptoTorLocker2015 Virus – Removal Instructions


CryptoTorLocker2015 is a computer virus that is often categorized with ransomware. Unfortunately, you’ve come to this page because you have the CryptoTorLocker2015 virus. But don’t worry anymore. You came to the correct place. Please read below carefully as we try and assist you as best as possible with removing this virus. I will explain a […]

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Cryptowall 3.0 Virus – Removal Instructions


Cryptowall 3.0 is a the newest addition in the family line of ransomware viruses. The Cryptowall 3.0 virus is just like other malwares, but it has a new method of encryption. Cryptowall 3.0 virus has a main method of attack that is by stealing money from computer users who are inexperienced. Analysts have been observing […]

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CTB-Locker Virus – Removal Instructions


CTB-Locker is another ransomware that was released in 2015. CTB-Locker targets all operating systems of Windows. The thing that CTB-Locker will to do infect a computer is scan the entire PC for files. All the scanned files will then be encrypted or “locked” and are therefore unavailable for use. The user cannot access his/her files […]

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ACV Plus Virus – Removal Instructions


ACV Plus is a rogueware variant that stems from the FakeVimes family. The primary purpose of ACV Plus is to display bogus alerts warning of illegitimate viruses/spyware in an attempt to extort money from users. ACV Plus promises a full fix for all alleged infections on the machine in exchange for the user’s purchase of […]

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Security Bytes 2015 Virus – Removal Instructions


Security Bytes 2015 does not only create havoc in your computer system but also tricks you into buying it using your credit card. Security Bytes 2015 pretends to be an authentic antivirus software and lets you pay $99.99 to remove non-existent threats from your computer.  Many of us totally believe in the credibility of “Windows” […]

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SystemBytes Win XP 2015 Virus – Removal Instructions


SystemBytes Win XP 2015 belongs to Rouge. FakeRean-Braviax family of fake anti-spyware programs that is notorious in duping ordinary computer users by issuing fake security warnings and error notifications. You get SystemBytes Win XP 2015 from downloading files and programs from malicious sites. Once installed in your system, it explores that vulnerabilities of your computer […]

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SystemBytes Win 7 2015 Virus – Removal Instructions


SystemBytes Win 7 2015 is a type of rogueware that descends from the Braviax or FakeRean family of malware. SystemBytes Win 7 2015 is classified as rogueware because it poses as a legitimate program by displaying bogus security messages and scan results. In the meantime, SystemBytes Win 7 2015 also hijacks the system’s internet browser […]

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KEYHolder Virus – Removal Instructions


KEYHolder is new piece of “ransomware.” The goal of KEYHolder is to hold some part of an infected user’s system hostage for a “ransom.” The user must pay a ransom to decrypt and have access to their data again. KEYHolder attempts to render a user’s data unreadable but recoverable. This is the same tactic employed […]

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