The Real Hunt for Red October – Cyber Espionage

We’ve all read and seen the movie The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy. Who would have thought that Red October does exist! A report from Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research & Analysis Team revealed that Red October has been active since 2007 attacking various diplomatic and government agencies around the world. This particular virus has taken advantage of the vulnerabilities of MS Excel and Word. The virus was sent through email attachments in MS Word and Excel. It also indicates that it most Continue Reading

Vulnerability in Internet Explorer – Security Advisory 2794220

Security Advisory 2794220 was released by Microsoft to tackle certain vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8. The advisory mentioned that this vulnerability may allow remote code execution in Internet explorer. Meaning, this may allow an attacker to carry out arbitrary code if a user accessed a website which was deliberately created for such purpose. With this, the attacker could acquire the same user rights as the current user. However, users who have fewer user rights Continue Reading

Google Awards $60,000 to Finder of Chrome Security Flaw

Google has for several years awarded lots of money to individuals who find security flaws in their Chrome web browser. The reason for offering awards is simply to encourage honest computer experts to find flaws in Chrome that may otherwise be discovered by malicious hackers. Google just awarded $60,000 to someone who goes by the name of "Pinkie Pie", for finding a security flaw in Chrome. The security flaw in question was considered to be a very critical flaw and therefore deserves the $60,000 Continue Reading

Firefox 16 Security Flaw Fixed

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, released a safe version of Firefox 16 after a recent major security flaw discovered in the initial release of the software. Mozilla said in a statement on its blog that the security flaw discovered in Firefox 16 would have allowed malicious websites to view previous websites that visitors had viewed as well as URL parameters. The URL parameters flaw is a major concern. The ability for a malicious website to view previously visited websites of its visitors, Continue Reading

Anonymous Hacks GoDaddy or Was it a Major Outage?

“We are experiencing problems,” said Scott Wagner, the CEO of GoDaddy following hacker claims by someone thought to be a member of the Anonymous group. GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars and Web site providers in the world, and the attack has probably affected millions of Web sites. The firm sent a tweet just after 1:30 p.m. ET saying they were aware of the problem their clients had and were working on it. It is not yet clear how many websites have been impacted in the hacker Continue Reading

How Hacked Websites Spread Viruses

One of the many ways that viruses are spread and infect computers is through legitimate websites that have been hacked. This has been an ongoing problem throughout the internet. Hackers redirect users to a malicious website and instantly infect the visitor. If a hacker gains control of a popular website and is able to redirect the traffic to a separate malicious website, this can lead to mass virus infections. This type of virus distribution is nothing new and has been going on for a while. Continue Reading

Bootlegging YouTube Videos: Another Money Making Scam

For years, individuals uploaded videos to YouTube, without the ability to make money. However, in recent years, Google (which owns YouTube) has made it a priority to sell ad space on YouTube videos that have reached a specific number of hits. Once a video receives a certain number of hits, ads and other watermarks are placed on the videos. Each time someone watches the videos, both Google and the individual who uploaded the video receive money from the ads placed on the website. However, Continue Reading

Android Becomes A Malware Hotspot

There is one aspect of Mac computers that Apple lovers have long boasted about for years. "They don't get viruses! They aren't attached by spyware! They aren't infected by malware!" Although some individuals are going to say it is impossible (which it isn't), the fact that Mac computers are less likely to become infected is true. There are several reasons behind this. First off, although Mac as a brand sells a considerable amount of computers, PC based systems, with all the manufacturer's Continue Reading

Download Firefox 8 – The Newest Firefox Browser

A highly anticipated version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser has been officially released. Firefox 8 was released yesterday and is another addition to the popular open source web browser. With this new version of Firefox, Mozilla has introduced some very cool features as well as some much needed security features. The coolest feature now available with Firefox 8 is the ability to search Twitter. The Twitter search feature built into Firefox 8 will allow users to quickly search Twitter Continue Reading

Google Wallet: Is This New Way To Pay With Your Phone Safe?

Google has begun to roll out the next generation of payment method. It is called Google Wallet, a revolutionary way to pay using your mobile phone. The technology uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to pay by simply tapping your phone onto or within two inches of a NFC receiver. The big question on everyone's mind is how safe will it be. NFC technology already exists with many credit and debit cards. The Pay Pass NFC receiver can be found in hundreds of thousands of convenience stores, gas Continue Reading