AVG SafeGuard Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

AVG SafeGuard toolbar is not actually a virus, but rather more of a potentially unwanted program (PUP).  Still, AVG SafeGuard toolbar is capable of doing a lot of things. It can be automatically installed in your computer when you download freebies from the web. At times, there will be a box that will ask you to click Next,or else you would not be able to download the material you needed. This is usually where the unwanted toolbar comes from. AVG SafeGuard toolbar changes your homepage to Continue Reading

Findr Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

The Findr Toolbar is a potential malicious software. This malware is capable of attacking your PC without you knowing it. Like many other malicious software, Findr Toolbar leads your default search engine into search.conduit.com or go.Findrsearch.com, instead of the default engine that you set. Using either of these engines will compromise your personal information and your browsing history. This information can consists of your full name, e-mail address, home address, contact number, and many Continue Reading

Protected Search or Protected Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

Protected Search Toolbar is another prospective malware or spyware that offers web search services. This malware can automatically download itself to the computer without the user’s permission. It latches itself to widely used internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It even poses as a browser extension or add on. Once added, the browsers get hijacked causing alteration in the internet configuration. Because of this, Protected Search virus is also referred to as browser Continue Reading

SearchIT Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

SearchIT Toolbar is also known as the SearchIT Virus, ST New Toolbar for IE, ST New Virus. It is another form of a potential malware, malicious software, that hijacks your browser. This software automatically puts add-ons on your browser. Once you realize that your browser has a lot of add-ons you know nothing about, then, you may be experiencing the SearchIT Virus. You may receive lots of pop-ups and unwanted advertisements. Aside from browser add-ons and pop-ups, this virus also causes you to Continue Reading

Delta Search – Toolbar Removal

Delta is a search toolbar that is usually installed and bundled with free software download. We must warn you that the Delta Search toolbar is not just any ordinary we have found it to be extremely malicious and containing harmful rootkits which can be very difficult to remove. If you have the Delta Search toolbar on your computer we highly recommend reading the information on this page and following the removal instructions we provide. The Delta Search Toolbar has recently been classified by Continue Reading

Babylon Search – Toolbar Removal Instructions

The Babylon Search Toolbar, or Babylon Search, may be an unwanted addition to your web browser. The Babylon Toolbar can be uninstalled if you follow the removal instructions that we have provided on this page. Remove the Babylon Toolbar now. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. The Babylon Toolbar becomes installed on your computer when you download and install other forms of freeware. The Babylon Search is bundled with the freeware and some users may unknowingly have it Continue Reading