Child Internet Safety Tips From Spyware Help Center

Children spend more time now on wireless devices that they go outside. With this in mind, there are many reasons why parents should be concerned about a child’s computer safety. One reason is parents, as well as children, can be potential victims of what their children do online. Drugs, credit fraud, pirated music, illicit pornography, and viruses are all reasons why a parent should monitor their child’s online activities.

In addition, online bullies, predators, and pedophiles should be another primary concern of parents. Parents should note if a child is changing computer screens or minimizing web pages upon walking into a room. Additionally, other red flags to watch out for are new clothing or items that would otherwise be difficult for a child to attain.

Parents should watch out for ‘friends’ that want to meet with children. Many online predators tend to slowly gain the trust of children through the internet which ends up with an arranged meeting. These people will use any type of information to gain trust and eventually manipulate these children. Parents should encourage their children to not use their real name in chat rooms or other similar sites. In addition, children should be groomed to not give up information that is either personal or financial about family members. Parents are the biggest influence in a child’s online experience and should be taught about internet safety.

It is important for children to understand that the internet is an open forum where everything is public.

Parents should get in contact with local law enforcement if their children are being bullied online during school hours. Schools have rules in place that allow lawful action to take place if misconduct is done during school times. Most students do agree with some involvement but advise parents to give children a certain level of trust to make the compromise work. According to some students, privacy settings play a vital role in preventing online bullying and having someone to talk to outside of the family is crucial to dealing with this situation.

Furthermore, it is important for children to understand that the internet is an open forum where everything is public. Computer safety should be a top concern and children should be wary of what they post. Another topic to talk about is how many people on the internet are not who they say they are. Overall, the best way to prevent any complications while on the internet is to educate children and make them aware of the internet safety.

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