Cloud Protection Virus

Cloud Protection Virus

The Cloud Protection Virus is a fake program. Cloud Protection Virus removal is easy if you follow our detailed removal instructions. Removal instructions are at the bottom of the article.

*Update: There is a new virus called Cloud AV 2012. If you have Cloud AV 2012 on your computer, please visit the Cloud AV 2012 Virus Removal Page.

Commonly named:
Cloud Virus
Cloud Protection
Cloud Protection Virus
Windows Cloud Virus
Windows Cloud Protection
Windows Cloud Protection Virus

Cloud Protection Virus Removal Video in HD

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Cloud Protection Virus Scanning Window

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People are becoming infected by the Cloud Protection Virus through well disguised infectious executable files being distributed throughout the internet. The most likely culprit of the Cloud Protection Virus is an infected file disguised as a flash player installer. However, this virus is also being cloaked as other disguised files.

Cloud Protection is a fake computer program. It is designed to cause confusion, fear and at the same time look legitimate with a realistic looking interface. The interface looks extremely similar to an iPad or tablet computer. Do not be fooled by the professional appearance of this fake program. Cloud Protection is in fact a virus.

If you download and run the aforementioned infected executable file, you will become infected with the Cloud Protection Virus. Once this virus is installed onto your computer it will cause your computer to become virtually useless. However, you can remove this virus if you follow our easy instructions. The Cloud Protection Virus can be removed.

Cyber gangs and hacker criminals cleverly designed Cloud Protection to look very realistic. It is a social engineering strategy being used to defraud computer users of their money. Cloud Protection poses as a legitimate program, warning of viruses, trojan infections and more. All of the warnings that this virus show are completely false.

Do not be fooled by the professional appearance of this fake program. Cloud Protection is in fact a virus.

The final goal of this virus is to get unsuspecting users to attempt to activate it. Please remember that Cloud Protection is not real. It is a rogue antivirus program. Rogue antivirus programs create the belief that your computer is infected when in fact it is not. The Cloud Protection Virus offers absolutely no benefit whatsoever.

Spyware Help Center tests our removal procedures against all viruses listed on this site, including the Cloud Protection Virus. We have succeeded in removing the Cloud Protection Virus using our procedure.

Step by Step Cloud Protection Virus removal

For detailed Cloud Protection Virus removal instructions please click here.

Quick virus removal steps
Target Virus: Cloud Protection Virus

The quick virus removal steps we outlined below has been proven remove the Cloud Protection Virus. You must be on the infected computer when performing these steps.

1 To begin, go ahead and reboot the infected computer. If the infected computer is turned off, go ahead and turn it on.

2 Immediately as the computer begins to boot, press F8 many times. Pressing F8 allows you to access the Advanced Options Menu.

3 Once you are in the Advanced Options Menu, use your arrow keys and select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press enter when you have selected that option.

Safe Mode with Networking

4 Windows will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. Safe Mode with Networking will allow you to remove Cloud Protection which it would not allow when Windows was in normal mode.

5Now that the virus is not running it is time to begin removal. On your keyboard, click and hold the Windows key, then press the R key. See keyboard diagram below.


6 After you have pressed the Windows and R key, the Windows Run Box will open. Type exactly the following into the run box and click OK:


Windows Run Remove

After clicking OK, your computer will connect to our website and download our recommended virus removal program called Spyware Doctor by PC Tools.

7 When you see the PC Tools download box, click the Run button. The picture of the download box is below. After you click the “Run” button, PC Tools will launch. If your computer asks if you are sure you want to run PC Tools, click OK.

PC Tools Download Box Click Run

8 Once the virus scan is complete, PC Tools will have found Cloud Protection. Remove the Cloud Protection Virus by registering PC Tools. You must register PC Tools while still in Safe Mode to remove Cloud Protection.

9 After you have registered PC Tools, and the virus was removed, you can safely reboot into Normal Mode. The virus should be completely gone.

For detailed virus removal instructions please click here.

Call us toll free at 888.801.8751 and we can gladly walk you through these steps.

Cloud Protection Virus Removal Video in HD

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