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Easy Clean PC: Does It Work? And Is it Safe?

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There has been much discussion in our community the last few weeks about Easy Clean PC. Easy Clean PC is popular PC optimization program. It is software specifically designed to ‘clean the Windows registry of a computer’ and if used regularly, to ‘assist with increasing the system performance and speed’. We created this post in order to provide our members with feedback on this software and address the main questions we have seen.

Does it Work?

To see if Easy Clean PC does in fact clean the Windows registry, we tested it on a variety of computers. We used computers of various ages loaded with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows 10. After testing, we found the following results.

All the test computers seemed to run faster. This may indicate a cleaner registry, as well as less overall junk on the computer. Note that the results were different depending on the age of the test computer and the operating system tested. When using applications, there was also an improved response time between each program.  

Conclusion: Yes, in our opinion, Easy Clean PC does work to assist in cleaning the Windows registry. And thereby help to speed up performance. This will obviously vary by user, the state of their computer, the operating system used, and the age of the machine.

Is It Safe?

To see if Easy Clean PC is safe, we made note of some important features during use of the program. We found that the program automatically creates a backup of the hard drive before each scan. The program also saves the most recent restore points. This means the user can restore the entire system to a recent restore point if they accidently delete something they wanted to keep. This is a great security feature.

Another important security feature is that the software requires user permission and confirmation before deleting the files and issues found by the scan. This means that the user has a chance to review everything recommended for deletion (and they should) to ensure no critical files are deleted by accident.  We recommend everyone use this feature so they remain in control of what is removed from their computer. Easy Clean PC showed no signs of Malware, Spyware or other harmful files. When we uninstalled it from each test computer, it uninstalled via the control panel- no extra steps needed- and left no trace on the registry.

Conclusion: Yes, Easy Clean PC is safe to use and should not harm the system if used correctly.

Overview Of Findings : Easy Clean PC

After extensive ongoing testing, we feel that Easy Clean PC can be viewed as a trustworthy PC Optimization Program. When used correctly and on a regular ongoing basis, it should help to improve performance and speed of a computer by cleaning the registry and optimizing the PC. It also is a safe program to use.  

Although Easy Clean PC is not free, we feel that the cost of registration and renewal of the software is affordable, especially since it includes Total Customer Care. This means that the customer is covered for help with other issues, such as software updates, driver updates, removal of viruses and any other pc related technical issues they may encounter. This would normally be a high cost if purchased separately from another provider.

For more information visit: www.easycleanpc.com


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