Expect Some Great Features When Upgrading to Windows 8. Plus It’s Safer!

Expect Some Great Features When Upgrading to Windows 8. Plus It’s Safer!

In this day and age of computers, the old Windows programs like XP and Vista are not really the safest to use. With most of the security bugs now fixed in versions like Windows 7, the Business world can get even more by upgrading to Windows 8 when it is released to the public.

Reality wise, the old Windows have out lived their usefulness. With the risk of hacking, security breaches that has not been resolved by older versions, there are many factors to show you why upgrading to Windows 8 will be beneficial for even the server client desktops. This version of Windows gives a lot of abilities for businesses never before seen.

What Windows 8 really did was to combine high VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) with centralized security making it safe and effective to use. This series of Windows basically runs a virtual desktop on the actual client rather than the server. The benefit of this is that you can run the virtual server without a connection making it really possible to store information on your laptop or even tablet. This would mean that the Virtual hyper visor would allow for extreme mobility. Mobility in any business expands the possibilities.

As far as the IT department go, they still enjoy the easy manageability of the operating system as well as the enhanced security through VDI. The main advantage is really this. Consider that the server is only really used as a central station, truly only backs up files and information, as well as utilizes and stores user configurations. In the VDI environment the server is actually running virtual desktop machines. This is an actual leap for business.

Finally, the IT no longer needs to really manage the end user configuration for the server. All IT would really have to do is basically just manage the virtual desktop environment that is downloaded to it. It is pretty simple that this new virtual environment has been created with the two most important issues in mind: Security for all those that would attempt to infiltrate the system, and complete easy manageability of the virtual system.

Since the Windows 8 upgrade to this environment is really inexpensive, and since the maintenance cost will drastically decrease, it is safe to say that this virtual environment is cost effective and promotes the most reliable, easy to manage system in the entire world today. We look forward to the day that Windows 8 is publicly released for sale.

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