New York State Police Traffic Ticket Email Virus – Removal Instructions

A fake New York State Police Uniform Traffic Ticket email has been circulating throughout the internet. This email contains a virus and the attachment should not be downloaded! The email looks authentic and is sent from the email address [email protected] so that you will believe it is really from a New York government employee. The virus that is attached to the fake traffic ticket email is highly malicious.

Important: Have you opened the fake email? If so, please scroll to the bottom of the article to begin performing a free virus scan. We highly recommend you scan your computer even if you have not downloaded the email attachment.

The file attached to the email contains a Trojan Horse Virus. If you open the file attached to the email it will appear as if nothing happened, in fact the file will disappear. However, even though the file disappeared, the damage has been done. The virus has infected your computer. It will now attempt to connect to a remote server and download more files to further infect your computer.

After detailed analysis, the origins of this virus appear to be from Russia. The remote servers and the remote websites that the virus attempts to connect to are all located in Russia. However, the exact origins and creators of the virus are unknown.

Fake New York State Police Traffic Ticket Email Virus
Fake New York State Police Traffic Ticket Email Virus

Yahoo mail has been one of the targets for this fictitious email. This email claims that the recipient of the email has an outstanding ticket which needs to be paid. The instructions on the email state that you should print out the attachment and mail payment to TOWN COURT, CHATAM HALL., PO BOX 117. However, the attachment is a virus and should not be downloaded or opened.

Fake New York State Police Traffic Ticket Email Virus Attachment

The attachment, called contains a virus. If you download the attachment and unzip its contents you will see a file called Ticket-064-2011.exe. The creators of virus we clever in that they use an Adobe PDF icon to disguise the Ticket-064-2011.exe file as a PDF document. A PDF document would contain a .pdf file extension and not a .exe file extension. However, please note that the file name may be different and is not always named Ticket-064-2011.exe.

If you open the Ticket-064-2011 file you will be infected. If you have already opened the Ticket-064-2011.exe, or another file attached to a similar email, then unfortunately you have unknowingly allowed a virus onto your computer.

*Please Note: The name of the attachment file may be different than Ticket-064-2011. There are many different names for the same traffic ticket email virus.

Traffic Ticket Email Virus Analysis:


File Size:
29696 bytes

File System Modifications:
tmp5E8C.tmp; tmpF150.tmp

Remote Servers Virus Connects To:;

Files The Virus Downloads To Infected Computer:
pusk3.exe; g.php


If you have opened and read the fake email then we highly recommend that you perform a free scan. Even though you did not download the attachment does not mean that you are not infected. Your computer may have a virus. The free virus scan program is our recommend antivirus software called PC Tools.

To start the free scan:

1. Download the PC Tools free scan program by clicking the button below.

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2. When downloading is complete, run the installation file and install PC Tools.

3. Perform the free virus scan immediately after installing.

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