Google Redirect Virus – Search Results Redirecting

The Google Redirect Virus is an extremely annoying computer infection that causes all of your search results on Google to be redirected to another website. Google Redirect Virus removal can be done. Removing the Google Redirect Virus is the only way to ensure that your search results will never be redirected again.

Removing this virus is not simple. Using a standard virus removal program will have an extremely low chance of success getting rid of the Google Redirect Virus. A multiple approach is needed for this very nasty infection. It will not simply go away on its own or with one piece of software.

Reformatting your hard drive is also not a 100% effective way to get rid of this virus. If you have other hard drives connected to your main computer then reformatting your main computer most likely not work at all. The redirect virus will reinfect your computer once you re-install Windows because other hard drives are still infected. Even if you have just one hard drive, this virus still may not go away. The Google Redirect Virus is an extremely sophisticated infection.

The virus behavior is quite simple. When you click on a Google search result the page is instantly redirected to a completely unrelated website. This is an adware scam that is solely intended to make money from visitors that click ads on the landing page. You will notice that the page that you are redirected to seems to change even if you click the same link.

The Google Redirect Virus is an extremely sophisticated infection.

The Google Redirect Virus is acquired on the internet through a trojan virus infection. It is an extremely annoying computer virus that never seems to go away, regardless if you try to use another browser, use various antivirus programs or other manual removal methods. Removing the Google Redirect Virus is possible if you are patient enough.

Due to the nature of this virus we highly recommend that you be careful when trying to remove it yourself. Manual removal of this virus can be dangerous due to the steps necessary. Many Google Redirect Virus removal guides give instructions on how to change registry keys, using various software programs and deleting files on your computer. If you make a mistake doing this yourself you may wish you didn’t.

Before attempting to remove the Google Redirect Virus all by yourself, please give us a call first. We can help you with removing this virus over the phone.

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  1. Shawn Wilson says:

    I have multiple viruses on my computer, and possibly a Trojan Horse… I have tried many programs, and did a system restore, yet I continue to have issues… I know for sure I have the Google Redirect Virus as well… I would really appreciate it if you could assist me in cleaning up my PC, because I have tried everything I could think of to no avail… I also think someone has been able to obtain my credit card information from my activity on my PC, so I am in dire need of some assistance…

    • Randall Savage says:

      Hey Shawn,

      Please call us toll free at 888-220-8968 to get this virus off your computer.

      The Google Redirect Virus is an extremely annoying virus that will not simply go away and needs technical support. It is not a nice virus at all.

  2. you are exetremely correct about that google redirect virus. What are the methods do you guys use?

    • Randall Savage says:

      This virus is a root kit. Is requires numerous steps to get rid of the virus that we will update this post to show. The google redirect virus is not a simple virus to remove, in fact it can be very difficult and it is not recommended you do it on your own if you are not good with computers.

      We will update the article soon.

  3. my computer exactly has google redirect virus. and I wanna remove it.
    However, I am not English speaker. Do you have any translator when I call?
    Or, please update the article for removal. Although I cannot speak English well, I can read your article!

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