How To Remove Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée Virus

Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée is a virus that is infecting computers that are running Windows operating systems. The Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee Virus is a fake program and only intends to steal your money. It uses the French language on the entire interface, most likely in an effort to confuse those who do not speak French. Removal instructions are at the bottom of the article.

Other aliases include: Antivirus 2011 Edition Limited, Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee, and Antivirus 2011 Limitée Edition.

Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée infects a computer when a user unknowingly downloads and installs an unknown file. This virus acts like many other viruses in that they all cloak themselves to gain entry. The Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée Virus will immediately hide your Windows desktop not allowing access to your desktop or start menu. Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee will also stop any attempts at running programs.

Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée is not real and should not be purchased under any circumstances. This virus is only meant to attempt to steal your money. Its malicious intent is extremely obvious in the fact that it will completely hide your desktop and not allow you to run any of your programs, including antivirus software. Even if you do not speak French, you can still remove Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée.

Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée Screen Shots
Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée Virus Completed Scan Screen

Additional Screenshots
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We have fully analyzed the Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée Virus using our test computers. In each test we noticed that the desktop was always removed. This makes any computer completely useless if Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée has infected it. Removing this virus is absolutely necessary if you wish to use your computer again.

In order to remove the Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée Virus it is highly recommended that you follow our recommend virus removal procedure outline in orange below. We have tested the removal procedure ourselves and have confirmed that it works against this infection. You do not need to understand French in order to remove Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée.

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Begin Virus Removal by Following the Instructions Below
Target Virus: Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée

The removal process we are illustrating below has been proven to be the most effective way to remove viruses. You must be on the infected computer when performing these steps.

Follow the instructions below and you will successfully remove the Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée.

1 To begin, go ahead and reboot the infected computer. If the infected computer is turned off, go ahead and turn it on.

2 Immediately as the computer begins to boot, press F8 many times. Pressing F8 allows you to access the Advanced Options Menu.

3 Once you are in the Advanced Options Menu, use your arrow keys and select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press enter when you have selected that option.

Safe Mode with Networking

4 Windows will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. Safe Mode with Networking will allow you to remove Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée. Removal is not possible if Windows is in normal mode.

5Now that the virus is not running it is time to begin removal. On your keyboard, click and hold the Windows key, then press the R key. See keyboard diagram below.


6 After you have pressed the Windows and R key, the Windows Run Box will open. Type exactly the following into the run box and click OK:


Windows Run Remove

After clicking OK, your computer will connect to our website and download our recommended virus removal program called Spyware Doctor by PC Tools. When the download box appears, click “Save” and make sure to save the Spyware Doctor installation file to your desktop. You must remove the infection from your computer. Even though you do not see the virus that does not mean that it is no longer on the infected computer. You must remove the virus in its entirety using our recommended removal program.

7 Open the PC Tools installation file from your desktop, install PC Tools and perform the virus scan.

8 Once the virus scan is complete, PC Tools will have found Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée. Remove the Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée by registering PC Tools. You must register PC Tools while still in Safe Mode to remove Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée.

9 After you have registered PC Tools, and the virus was removed, you can safely reboot into Normal Mode. The virus should be completely gone.

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