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Smart Anti-Malware Protection Virus– (See Below) for removal instructions

Smart Anti-Malware Protection is a computer virus that masks itself as an anti-spyware program. By presenting false information, the program deceives users into investing in the program. The Smart Anti-Malware Protection virus is spread through two methods. In the first method, users browsing the web come across a professional-looking site that claims to support Windows Web Security, an anti-virus scanner. The page’s sophisticated design leads visitors to believe it is legitimate. Next, visitors are directed to a page that invokes them to scan their computer for viruses and other problems. The user, thinking the program is genuine, then agrees to the scan. The scan results invariably show that the computer is infected with many dangerous viruses and other infections.

Next, the site prompts the user to download the Smart Anti-Malware Protection program to clear the computer of malware. At this point, the user not only believes that the site is official, but also fears for their computer’s security. These feelings prompt the user to download the program in hopes of eliminating the viruses. Unbeknownst to them, the user actually download the actual Smart Anti-Malware Protection virus The second method of acquiring this rogue program is by visiting web sites that have been hacked. These sites install the program without the user’s consent.

Screenshots of Internet Security Virus

Smart anti-malware protection virus

Remove Smart Anti-Malware Protection

No matter which method is used to infect the computer, Smart Anti-Malware Protection virus goes to work as soon as it is installed. The program starts automatically without the user’s consent and fills the computer with many files that at first do no harm. After the files have downloaded, the program detects the files and alerts the user to malware infections on the computer. The program is actually detecting the files it just created, not additional malware. The program may alert users to scary-sounding problems like an address space conflict, issues accessing memory or a general warning regarding a malignant viral infection. Naturally, the user attempts to remove the files in response to the warning. Frustratingly, the user quickly discovers that the files can only be removed by purchasing the Smart Anti-Malware Protection program. Remember, the Smart Anti-Malware Protection is 100% totally fake and is a virus.

To Remove Smart Anti-Malware Protection Virus
This virus is extremely difficult to remove by typical virus removal programs. In order to remove Smart Anti-Malware Protection and restore the computer to normal functioning see the instructions below. We show you how to bypass the virus and remove the Smart Anti-Malware Protection virus.

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Smart Anti-Malware Protection Virus removal

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