How to Remove Smart Protection 2012 Virus – Removal

Smart Protection 2012 is a virus program that runs on a Windows computer, not only infecting the system but also attempting to scam you into purchasing the fake software. While using your computer system, if the computer is infected, a Smart Protection 2012 prompt window appears and, without warning, begins to scan the hard drive for any “infected viruses”. However, these scans are all designed to mislead the infected user. We recommend removing Smart Protection 2012 virus as soon as possible The removal instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

The scans shown by Smart Protection 2012 virus are fake, so do not become alarmed when the computer states you have multiple viruses running on the system. Unlike other fake antivirus programs, the software does not state any exact locations for viruses, it just says there are several infections on the computer and that you need to remove the contents. Of course, if you select to remove the virus the Smart Protection 2012 ‘program’ shows it is out of date, and that you need to update the program by purchasing the revamped version. This is part of the scam, as the fake software attempts to manipulate you into giving the hackers behind the Smart Protection 2012 virus money, when in fact all it is doing is infecting the computer’s hard drive.

Screenshots of Smart Protection 2012

Smart Protection 2012

The Smart Protection 2012 virus is an extreme hassle for removing from the hard drive. It is not a single virus file that worms its way onto the hard drive, but instead once installed on the computer it begins to spread throughout the system. Not only does the software attempt to deceive its victims, but it also wrecks havoc on the entire computer. Many of the files from the Smart Protection 2012 virus are installed directly onto the Windows computer registry. The registry contains important files regarding all software and hardware installed on the computer, telling the computer how to function with the material and where to locate system files for the software and hardware.

If the system registry begins to fail, other programs and even hardware begins to fail with it, creating a tough work environment. If you are lucky, the computer does still boot after becoming infected, although it takes several completed prompts to even make it to the start up screen and the operating system. From here, the operating system generally does not function properly, including the Start menu, which eventually just showcases a large, white window, without any program links. If you are experiencing this, you must remove the Smart Protection 2012 immediately as the problem may get greater.

In order to correct this and remove the virus permanently, we have created a specific set of instructions on this site to help with the removal of Smart Protection 2012. You should know the the Spyware Help Center is trusted name in virus removal and works closely with major antivirus companies to help improve their software. We have tested this virus and provide the removal instruction for it.

Step by Step Smart Protection 2012 Virus removal

Smart Protection 2012 Virus removal steps
Target Virus: Smart Protection 2012 Virus

You must be on the infected computer when performing these steps.

1 To begin, go ahead and reboot the infected computer. If the infected computer is turned off, go ahead and turn it on.

2 Immediately as the computer begins to boot, press F8 many times. Pressing F8 allows you to access the Advanced Options Menu.

3 Once you are in the Advanced Options Menu, use your arrow keys and select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press enter when you have selected that option.

Safe Mode with Networking

4 Windows will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. Safe Mode with Networking will allow you to remove Smart Protection 2012 which it would not allow when Windows was in normal mode.

5Now that the virus is not running it is time to begin removal. On your keyboard, click and hold the Windows key, then press the R key. See keyboard diagram below.


6 After you have pressed the Windows and R key, the Windows Run Box will open. Type exactly the following into the run box and click OK:


Windows Run Remove

After clicking OK, your computer will connect to our website and download our recommended virus removal program called Spyware Doctor by PC Tools.

7 When you see the PC Tools download box, click the Run button. The picture of the download box is below. After you click the “Run” button, PC Tools will launch. If your computer asks if you are sure you want to run PC Tools, click OK.

PC Tools Download Box Click Run

8 Once the virus scan is complete, PC Tools will have found Smart Protection 2012. Remove the Smart Protection 2012 Virus by registering PC Tools. You must register PC Tools while still in Safe Mode to remove Smart Protection 2012.

*Please note: You will not see the actual virus name in the list of found infections. The name of the virus in the PC Tools database is different than the name of the virus you see on your computer. If you see various infections on the scan results then that means that PC Tools found the specific virus you have on your computer.

9 After you have registered PC Tools, and Smart Protection 2012 was removed, you can safely reboot into Normal Mode. The virus should be completely gone.

Registering PC Tools also offers you superior benefits including constant protection against any potential threats. PC Tools will detect and remove any future threats that may occur including viruses, spyware, trojans, registry infections and much more. It is a great all-in-one solution for your computer security needs and that is why we recommend it.

If you require even more detailed virus removal instructions please click here.

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