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SpywareStop Virus is a 100% fake antivirus virus infecting Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The viruses, parasites, trojans and infections that are discovered by SpywareStop are completely fake. Spyware Stop is a financial scam and is defrauding computer users worldwide. It uses deceptive tactics to trick computer users into believing that their computer is severely infected. The computer user is told to purchase the full version of SpywareStop to get the infections quarantined and removed. Do not purchase or use SpywareStop! Removal instructions are at the bottom of the article.

The Spyware Stop application interface in the picture below will appear when Windows starts. The virus alerts, infection alerts and infection scan results are completely bogus. All warnings, alerts and scans are a scare tactic developed by the creators of SpywareStop. This is a social engineering method used to convince you that SpywareStop is real and can remove all of the infections. The creators of SpywareStop are hoping that computer users purchase this fake antivirus virus software program.

Spyware Stop Virus Screenshot
SpywareStop Virus Screenshot

SpywareStop will constantly annoy you with virus alerts and will also urge you to purchase the full version. There is no such thing as a full version of Spyware Stop. This is an attempt to steal your money and steal your personal identity information. No one should ever buy SpywareStop. Contact your financial institution or credit card company immediately if you have purchased Spyware Stop.

There is no such thing as a full version of Spyware Stop.

SpywareStop begins as a trojan infection acquired during unsafe and unprotected web browsing. The goal of the trojan is to facilitate the installation of SpywareStop Antivirus Virus. Once Spyware Stop is downloaded to your computer, bogus alerts followed by fake computer scans will occur. As stated above, do not believe anything that Spyware Stop tells you.

We have found some success in removing SpywareStop by following our recommended instructions below. These instructions will work for computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Please be extremely patient while the scanning is taking place. You will get it removed with our recommended instructions below.

SpywareStop Virus Removal

Virus Lab Recommended Procedure:
Removal download success rate: 98.2%

1. Click the button until the download starts
2. Download and save the .exe to your desktop
3. Rename the .exe file to iexplore.exe
4. Open the iexplore.exe file and install

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