How to Remove Windows Protection Master Virus -Removal

Windows Protection Master Virus

Windows Protection Master is a malicious program that will need to be removed to restore the computer back to its normal operation.

Windows Protection Master
Windows Protection Master is a rogue security application. It claims to be legitimate but is actually a virus. The Windows Protection Master virus will hijack your computer and use false information to trick you into purchasing the program. The virus is spread through hacked websites that offer a free computer security scan. Users are fooled into thinking the application is authentic due to its professional appearance which attempts to mimic other Windows-based applications.

Alarmingly, the program can also be installed without the user’s consent upon visiting one of these hacked sites. Once downloaded, the program will appear in a file on the computer’s C drive. Windows Protection Master then uses fake information and security alerts to convince the user that their computer is compromised. The program promises full protection against these threats, and the user purchases the program out of fear. Unfortunately, users are unaware that they are being scammed by a malicious and harmful computer virus. Until the process to remove Windows Protection Master is complete, the virus will continue to render the computer nearly useless.

Screenshots of Windows Protection Master Virus

Windows Protection Master Virus

What Does the Windows Protection Master Virus Do?

Once installed, Windows Protection Master begins automatically upon starting Windows. The program will then run a scan on the computer and issue a threatening report, claiming that harmful software has been detected, viruses are present or spyware has been found. These messages are actually fake and are designed to convince the user that the computer is truly threatened. To further intimidate the user into buying the product, Windows Protection Master will shut down all programs the user attempts to run. Additional fake alerts will pop up upon opening Internet Explorer.

These warnings tell the user the computer is under attack by a dangerous virus and that purchasing Windows Protection Master is the only way to remedy the problem. The user then relents and purchases the program, only to discover that the problems remain. In reality, the only way to restore the computer is to remove Windows Protection Master.

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