How To Remove Windows Stability Alarm Virus – Virus Removal

Windows Stability Alarm is an extremely malicious and deceptive computer optimization software program. Windows Stability Alarm masquerades itself as a legitimate Windows program using fake alerts, fake scans and fake results. It resembles a legitimate program in an attempt to get computer users to believe it is real.

Windows Stability Alarm Virus Screenshot
Windows Stability Alarm Virus Screenshot

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Pop Up Warning

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Pop Up Warning

All of the fake scans, fake alerts, and fake scan results are all created so that computer users believe that it can help their computer and ultimately purchase it. Please note that Windows Stability Alarm is a very serious and malicious computer infection. If you have seen the screenshot of the “program” above you are 100% infected with Windows Stability Alarm. Our testing showed this to be a very well written virus program making it extremely difficult to remove. Please note that Windows Stability Alarm is very harmful and we recommend removing right away.

Windows Stability Alarm virus can become severely damaging to your operating system. It can delete files and many other nasty consequences. We have noticed many of these types of infections get widespread distribution throughout the globe through hacked websites, peer to peer file sharing and much more. Almost all computer users infected the Windows Stability Alarm Virus will not know when or where they contracted it. While the main goal of Windows Stability Alarm virus is to get you to purchase it, Windows Stability Alarm can also lead to serious identity theft.

Windows Stability Alarm is completely fake and you should never purchase it.

These malware programs are capable of completely ruining your entire computer. We have found some success in removing Windows Stability Alarm by simply downloading our recommended anti-malware program that is specifically created for this kind of virus. Please note that if at the first installation attempt fails, please continue to click the removal button until it begins to load. The link below will take you to the download instruction page and will automatically begin to load the virus removal software.

How to remove the Windows Stability Alarm Virus

Virus Lab Recommended Procedure
Removal success rating: 96.3%

1. Click the yellow button above. (keep clicking until the download starts)
2. Download and run the .exe file.
3. Install and perform the free virus scan.

Having trouble?
Can’t get the .exe file to open or run?
Can’t save the installer .exe to your computer?
Can’t access the internet on your infected computer?
Can’t download the .exe when you click the yellow button?

Find more help at the Advanced Troubleshooting Page.

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