How To Remove Windows XP Restore Virus – Virus Removal

Windows XP Restore Virus is a completely bogus computer optimization software program. Windows XP Restore Virus tricks computer users with fake scans and results from a legitimate looking interface. The interface was created to look like a legitimate Microsoft software product. It has all the markings of a legitimate program in an attempt to get computer users to believe it is real.

Windows XP Restore Virus Screenshot
Windows XP Restore Virus Screenshot

All of the fake scans, alerts, and scan results are created so that you will believe that it is legitimate and eventually purchase it. Please note that Windows XP Restore Virus is a serious computer infection and if your are seeing this program you are without a doubt infected with it. Our testing showed this to be a methodically and very well written virus program making it extremely difficult to remove. Please note that Windows XP Restore Virus is a very harmful infection that we recommend removing right away.

We have noticed many of these types of infections get widespread distribution throughout the internet world, regardless of language or location. Infections occur through hacked websites and other distribution channels including peer to peer file sharing. Almost all computer users infected the Windows XP Restore Virus will not know when or where they contracted the fake program. While the main goal of Windows XP Restore Virus is to get you to purchase it, Windows XP Restore Virus can also lead to serious identity theft.

Please note that Windows XP Restore Virus is a very harmful infection that we recommend removing right away.

These type of fake optimization programs are capable of completely ruining your entire computer. We have found a lot of of success in removing Windows XP Restore Virus by simply downloading our recommended anti-malware program that is specifically created for this kind of virus.

Windows XP Restore Virus Removal

Virus Lab Recommended Procedure:

In the activation section of the virus, put a fake email address into the email field, then in the activation code field enter: 8475082234984902023718742058948

Entering the activation code may temporarily disable the fake program.

After you have entered the activation code and it is disabled, follow the removal download procedure below to remove this virus permanently.

Removal download success rate: 99.6%

1. Click the button until the download starts
2. Download and save the .exe to your desktop
3. Rename the .exe file to iexplore.exe
4. Open the iexplore.exe file and install

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