MS Removal Tool Virus: How To Remove It

Another virus made to appear like a legitimate Microsoft Program spreading quickly has recently been discovered. Many users are being tricked by a program called MS Removal Tool. This virus resembles software made by Microsoft, it even has the Microsoft logo, and appears to detect and remove malicious worms, viruses and other threats from infected systems.

MS Removal Tool Virus

Alias: MS Removal Tool Virus

Damage Level: medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

In reality, MS Removal Tool is the typical malware program we have been seeing for quite some time and looks like a hybrid of some other strains of malware we have seen in the last month or so here in our testing facilities. Just like the others, this program is designed to trick users into buying the software by convincing them that their computer is infected with all sorts of malicious software programs.

User’s who attempt to purchase the software are taken to a malicious website where they are prompted to enter their credit card numbers resulting in the data becoming immediately available to cyber crooks.

The MS Removal Tool virus usually gets bundled along with other legitimate programs that users might download onto their systems from file sharing and social networking sites. Though the pop-up messages served up by the program make it look as if it is a malware-removal tool, in reality the program is incapable of removing even one single malicious program.

Once it is downloaded onto a user’s system it starts to serve up a series of fake security alerts warning about various non-existent security risks that are present on the computer. MS Removal Tool shuts down legitimate anti-virus programs that may be installed on the computer. It also often changes registry settings on the infected computer in order to evade detection and to make it appear that it is a legitimate program.

Fictional alerts that MS Removal Tool Virus will display:

Security Monitor: Warning!
Attention: System detected a potential hazard (TrojanSPM/LX) on your computer that may infect executable files. Your private information and PC safety is at risk. To get rid of unwanted spyware and keep your computer safe you need to update your current security software. Click yes to download official intrusion detection system.

MS Removal Tool Warning
Your PC is infected with dangerous viruses. Activate antivirus protection to prevent data loss and avoid the theft of your credit card details.
Click here to activate protection.

Warning! Your Computer Is Infected
Windows has detected spyware infection! Click this message to install the last update of Windows security software.

The goal of MS Removal Tool Virus is to manipulate the user into purchasing the product in order to eliminate the fictional threats. You should never give your financial information to, nor should you purchase this fake product. If you have already purchased it, please contact your financial institution to make them aware of this purchase.

MS Removal Tool virus removal can be a big challenge for individuals and is often almost impossible to remove manually. An inexperienced user who attempts to make the needed registry changes, without fully knowing how to, can permanently damage their system. As a result, security analysts often recommend that users only attempt to remove the spyware program using anti-spyware tools from legitimate security vendors.

Sometimes, the MS Removal Tool virus can actively block all attempts to download tools that can be used to detect and remove the program from an infected computer. In such cases, users will have to download the malware removal tool on a clean computer, then copy the program into a USB drive and then use it to clean out the infected computer.

How to remove the MS Removal Tool Virus

Virus Lab Recommended Procedure
Removal success rating: 98.2%

1. Click the yellow button above. (keep clicking until the download starts)
2. Download and run the .exe file.
3. Install and perform the free virus scan.

Having trouble?
Can’t get the .exe file to open or run?
Can’t save the installer .exe to your computer?
Can’t access the internet on your infected computer?
Can’t download the .exe when you click the yellow button?

Find more help at the Advanced Troubleshooting Page.

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