Privacy Protection Virus – Removal Update

The fake antivirus program called Privacy Protection was first seen in early November 2011. Recently it has made a resurgence and is once again spreading throughout the internet. Remove Privacy Protection Virus as soon as possible and get your computer back to normal. Removal instructions are at the end of the article.

Privacy Protection Virus Scanning Window

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Signs of infection:
Privacy Protection program interface; Cannot open files; Cannot open programs; Constant activation reminders; Security alerts when trying to open file or program.

Computer data retrieval:
All computer data will be restored and accessible after the removal of Privacy Protection.

The fake Privacy Protection program is infecting computer through a malicious download file. This malicious file is unknowingly downloaded to a users computer, and if run, the computer becomes infected with the Privacy Protection Virus.

Anyone infected with the Privacy Protection Virus needs to know that this infection is serious. It will not let you run computer programs, open files or use your computer as you normally would. The constant warning messages and activation alerts will never stop. Removing the Privacy Protection Virus is the only way to get your computer back up and running.

Your computer files, programs, photos and music are not gone forever. Your computer can be restored back to normal and you will once again have access to your personal data but you must first remove the fake Privacy Protection application. Once you have removed the Privacy Protection Virus, your computer will run great.

We have tested several removal procedures and have completely removed the Privacy Protection Virus from our test machines. The removal procedure that we recommend is confirmed to remove Privacy Protection from your computer. See below for Privacy Protection Virus removal instructions.

Privacy Protection Virus Removal

Go to the Privacy Protection Virus Removal Page for step-by-step instructions on removing the Privacy Protection Virus and restoring hidden files.

Call us toll free at 888.801.8751 and we can gladly help you remove the Privacy Protection Virus.

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