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Randall Savage is the main Author of the Spyware Help Center. Randall is an expert in virus infections including spyware, malware and more. After many years assisting a few other security websites, in 2010 he decided to start his own website, Spyware Help Center. The main objective of the Spyware Help Center is to provide useful information on the latest virus threats as well as articles on global cyber security threats. Randall also includes posts on Spyware Help Center about interesting computer technology.

Randall’s Personal Bio:
I currently own an iPad2 as well as an HP ProBook 4710s laptop. I cannot recommend the HP ProBook enough. If anyone out there is looking to purchase a business and graphical laptop at an affordable price, take a look at HP’s ProBook line. You will not be disappointed. Of course the iPad speaks for itself. I love the iPad, especially the graphics. Reading the National Geographic magazine on the iPad always makes me marvel at how clear and beautiful the photos are.

A couple of my friends started their own antivirus websites. I helped them out as far as offering advice and my own opinions on the latest threats that are out there. I did not have enough time to start my own website so I blogged vicariously through them. Eventually I was able to leave my 9-5 job with a large telecom company and become a consultant, working out of my home.

I decided to start the Spyware Help Center because I definitely felt I had a lot to offer, and was also becoming quite bored with the semi-retired life. WordPress has always interested me, and I also wanted to say that I had my own website and blog. So far it is fun to blog about the latest threats as well as some of the cool technology that is always coming out.

Employment and Hobbies:
Randall is now a telecom consultant after graduating from college and then working in the telecom industry for several years. Fiber optic technology as well as advancements in broadband technology keeps him busy working with several telecom leaders. He now enjoys writing for the Help Center as well as building model airplanes and cars in his spare time. His personal blog should be online soon as well as his personal twitter page.

Favorite Quote:

When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours that’s relativity. -Albert Einstein

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