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We are getting a bunch emails today regarding the Windows Salvage System virus. This is yet another serious computer infection. Windows Salvage System is of the fake security software mold and will appear to look and respond like legitimate software.

Windows Salvage System Virus Screenshot
Windows Salvage System Virus Screenshot

Windows Salvage System Virus Fake Alert
Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Pop Up Warning

We highly recommend removing this program and DO NOT give it your credit card information. Expect your computer to run very slow while being infected with this virus. Most typical antivirus software will not work in removing this program.

Windows Salvage System is a malware infection, which will show you many false computer scans and offer to remove them for a fee. The results of these fake scans will appear on your computer will all appear on your computer. These alerts are completely fake and should not be taken seriously.

Most typical antivirus software will not work in removing this program.

If you’re seeing a program called Windows Salvage System on your computer there is no doubt that you have downloaded a malicious program and that your computer is seriously infected. The only way to remove this file is to find an antivirus-antimalware program that will be successful in installing into your infected computer and having it remove the virus. This may be a difficult program to find as most of the hackers who write these fake programs make sure that the most popular antivirus programs are blocked from being installed. Unfortunately this fake program will not go away on its own and it may end the life of your computer if you’re unable to find software to remove it. Always try multiple attempts in installing antivirus programs!

Also remember that the cyber criminals behind Windows Salvage System not only want your money, they also would like to take any and all valuable information you may have stored in your computer. We recommend immediate removal of this program.

How to remove the Windows Salvage System Virus

Virus Lab Recommended Procedure
Removal success rating: 98.4%

1. Click the yellow button above. (keep clicking until the download starts)
2. Download and run the .exe file.
3. Install and perform the free virus scan.

Having trouble?
Can’t get the .exe file to open or run?
Can’t save the installer .exe to your computer?
Can’t access the internet on your infected computer?
Can’t download the .exe when you click the yellow button?

Find more help at the Advanced Troubleshooting Page.

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