Security Scanner 2012 Virus

Security Scanner 2012 Virus: What is it?

Security Scanner 2012 is a computer virus that masquerades as a legitimate program. Using scare tactics and false information, the virus coerces users into purchasing a program that they believe will rid the computer of problems. See end of post for removal instructions.

Users may contract the virus through two methods. The first method uses hacked websites to download the program without the user’s knowledge or consent. In the second method, users come across a seemingly-legitimate website that initiates a security scan of the user’s computer. Upon completion of the fake scan, the user is met with a host of warnings that describe problems related to the computer’s hard drive, systems, data, applications and files.

In reality, these issues do not exist, but they appear to be real and convince the user to purchase the program in an effort to restore the computer.

Security Scanner 2012 Virus Image
Security Scanner 2012 Virus Image

Unfortunately, the program is a virus itself that will cause a multitude of problems that cannot be remedied until the methods to remove Security Scanner 2012 virus are completed.

Security Scanner 2012 Virus: What it Does

After being downloaded, the Security Scanner 2012 virus attacks the computer on many levels and renders it practically useless. Until the process to remove Security Scanner 2012 virus is through, users cannot run programs, view file attributes, delete files or complete any of the computer’s normal processes.

All attempts to use the computer are met with annoying and threatening warnings of system failure, hard drive errors, application problems and registry errors. Users may also receive warnings that critical errors have occurred, the hard drive is damaged or that certain files are suddenly unreadable.

These issues do not actually exist, but the persistent and seemingly-authentic appearance of the warnings is enough to convince most users to purchase the Security Scanner 2012 program in an effort to restore the computer.

Security Scanner 2012 Virus removal

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