Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 Virus – Removal Instructions

Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 is a virus that targets, mainly, Windows 8 version PC’s. It can attach itself to one’s computer when a user downloads certain materials from questionable sites and sources, and sometimes it can also attach itself whenever a pop-up ad gets onto one’s computer (usually as a result of accessing questionable sites as well). Furthermore, Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 also has the ability to leech onto one’s computer by means of email. If a user opens a link in an email that they weren’t already expecting, or that doesn’t have any kind of official certification backing it, that email can carry the Sirius Virus.

Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 was created by hackers as a means of gaining access to personal bank account and credit card information from users, and Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 is one of a stream of different Sirius viruses that seek to gain access to different makes and models of PCs and Windows software versions. As of yet, there is not a Sirius Mac-Based virus, as the programming knowledge required to create a virus for Macintosh systems is far more extensive than is for Windows-based systems.


Once the Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 virus has made its way onto one’s computer, it works to accomplish a couple of things. In the first couple of days after a user contracts the Sirius virus, that user won’t even know that they have a computer virus. During that time, the virus is configuring the computer’s registry so that whenever a person tries to access the Internet or a security program, Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 will pop up instead. Basically, Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 promotes itself to the user as a PC defense software that wants to rid the user’s computer of a massive slew of viruses.

After Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 is done “scanning” the user’s computer, the virus usually shows hundreds or thousands of viruses which don’t really exist at all, and then demands that the user pay a massive fee (usually $100 or more) in order to purchase the full defense package and have the viruses removed. In reality, no viruses even exist at all most of the time, and if the user submits their payment info to the “company” behind the Sirius software, they are really just turning over all kinds of dangerous personal information to wicked people. Not only could one’s identity be stolen, one’s bank account could also be completely cleared within a few days at the hands of these individuals.

Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 Virus

Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 Virus Removal Instructions

The virus removal instructions we have outlined below has been proven remove the Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 virus.

** PLEASE NOTE: If the Virus is on a computer running “WINDOWS 8” see the Windows 8 Virus Removal Instructions

Remember: you must be on the infected computer when performing these 3 easy steps to remove the virus.

STEP 1: Start the computer in Safe Mode with Networking
a. Before starting this step, it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you write down our 24HR Toll Free tech support phone number incase you run into any issues or would like any additional help with your PC.

If you need help, this is the number to call!

b. To begin, go ahead and turn off the infected computer and wait roughly 20 seconds, then turn it back on.

c. Next Immediately as the computer begins to turn on, press F8 many times. Pressing F8 allows you to access the Advanced Options Menu. You should see an image like the one below.

Selection the option Safe Mode with Networking

d. Next use your arrow keys and select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press enter when you have selected that option and the computer will begin to boot into safe mode.

STEP 2: Download the Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 Virus Removal Program
a. Now it is time to open the “Run Command” box.

b.On your keyboard, push and hold the “Windows” key, then press the “R” key. See keyboard diagram below.

Keyboard Shortcut Diagram

c. After you have pressed the “Windows” and “R” key, the Windows Run Box will open. Type the following and press OK:


Windows Run Box

After clicking OK, your computer will connect to the internet and download our recommended virus removal program called Spyhunter.

STEP 3: Installing the Sirius Win Vista Protection 2014 Virus Removal Program
a. When you see the download box, click the “Run” button. The picture of the download box is below.

Spyhunter Download Box Click Run

b. Now you should be downloading a program called “Spyhunter 4” this program has been developed by a company called Enigma Software. Through their extensive work on Malware research they have developed one of the worlds most successful Virus and Malware removal programs. This program offers easy “point and click” virus removal.

c. After this program runs the scan, you should see a list of “threats” found on your computer. These Threats can be very harmful and may ruin the computer if not removed. To remove these threats click “fix Threats” and then “register” the program to permanently remove the virus and any other threats found.

*** After registering Spyhunter4 we highly recommend restarting the computer. Then we would like you to make sure everything is working properly. You should notice that the virus has been completely removed. If it has not been removed or the computer is not working 100% to your liking call us immediately at 1-888-895-6053 and one of our techs will help get it working properly again.

Need further assistance? Call us toll free and one of our friendly technicians will kindly walk you through the virus removal process.

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