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This page will detail the instructions necessary to remove the System Check virus permanently from your computer. The Spyware Help Center is trusted name in the virus removal community and works with many antivirus companies to improve their products. (See bottom of page for removal instructions.)

What is System Check Virus?

System Check is a fake spyware detection program that uses faulty information to coerce users into investing in the program. The rogue program spreads to unsuspecting users through two methods. First, online promotions through websites claiming to be part of Windows Web Security entice visitors by producing a computer scan that supposedly detects viral infections. Upon completion of the scan, the user is alerted to the presence of such infections on their computer. To convince users that they are facing viruses, the System Check virus releases messages warning of trojan spies, address space conflicts and system alerts containing reports of dangerous viruses. Out of fear, users then download the program in an effort to rid the computer of viruses. Unfortunately, the System Check program is a scam and a virus in itself. The rogue program uses trojans to infiltrate users’ computers and then uses scare tactics to swindle the user into spending money. The second method used by the System Check Virus to invade computers is through hacked websites that install the program with the user’s knowledge. The tactics used by this virus are designed to make users act out of fear and confusion.

Screenshots of System Check Virus

System Check Virus

What does System Check Virus Do?

Once the program is installed on the computer, the System Check Virus begins to create numerous files that will later be classified as malware during a computer scan. After the files are automatically installed, the program conducts a scan of the computer and detects the files it just created. The user is then prompted by System Check to delete the files but any attempts are blocked until the program is purchased. Users that are unaware of the true nature of the files are scared into spending money on the program. As the program runs, users will be met with additional warning messages. These fake alerts are again designed to frighten users and include system alerts, address space conflicts, virus warnings and calls to take further action. Even though they are strongly worded, these alerts are fake and but the actual System Check virus can cause great harm to your computer. Most legitimate antivirus software programs are generally powerless against this rogue program. It is possible to manually remove System Check Center, but the process must be perfectly implemented to avoid causing permanent damage to the computer. The process involves removing DLL files, registry entries, parasitic files and ending processes associated with the program. To avoid causing more damage to the computer, only experienced IT professionals should attempt to remove the program.

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