System Repair – Virus Removal Instructions

System Repair is a fake program. Uninstall System Repair from your computer now. Remove the System Repair Virus with our instructions. We will also show you how to get your files, desktop, folders and start menu items back. Removal instructions are at the end of the article.

System Repair Virus Diagnostic Screen

System Repair Virus Diagnostic Screen
Scroll down for removal instructions and how to restore your files.

If you see the image above on your computer you are infected with the System Repair Virus. This is a very malicious rogue application because it not only hijacks your computer, it also hides your files, folders, desktop and start menu items. System Repair is a fake hard drive repair program.

Uninstall System Repair immediately if you want to have your computer functional again. This malicious infection will not go away on its own and is notorious for causing all sorts of problems. We will show you how to fully remove System Repair with our instructions below.

Almost immediately upon infection, the System Repair Virus will hide your desktop, files, start menu items and almost everything else. It then begins a fake scan of your computer claiming that your hard drive is failing. Conveniently it offers to restore your computer if you activate System Repair.

We will show you how to use the removal program to uninstall System Repair from your computer. We also provide the steps necessary to get your files back.

Activating System Repair should not be done. You will not accomplish anything by activating this fake application. You must remove it using a professional removal program. We will show you how to use the removal program to uninstall System Repair from your computer. We also provide the steps necessary to get your files back.

System Repair uses common rogue application social engineering tactics. However, this one is more malicious because it actually hides all of your personal data and other data on your computer. This is a scary virus and most people think that their computer hard drive is really messed up. Do not believe anything that System Repair says, it is a lie.

System Repair Virus Image

System Repair Virus Image
Scroll down for removal instructions and how to restore your files.

The first thing most people try to do is a System Restore to remove System Repair. Unfortunately the creators of System Repair also know about the System Restore feature in Windows and have purposely disabled it. Attempting to do a System Restore do remove this infection and get your files back is a waste of time. You need to remove this virus if you want to get rid of it.

If you let System Repair sit on your computer for too long then you actually risk losing all of your data. This can also cause your computer hard drive to really malfunction. System Repair causes your hard drive to spin wildly and if left unchecked it really could cause permanent damage.

We tested our System Repair removal instructions ourselves, and they work. We have a computer lab where we infect our computers with the System Repair Virus. We then perform the removal instructions to ensure that the virus gets removed. We also test the file restoration steps to ensure they work as well. Our testing proved that all of the instructions result in total success.

System Repair will not go away on its own and you risk causing permanent damage to your computer. You need to use a removal program to fully uninstall System Repair. This virus will stay on your computer until you do something, so be proactive and get rid of this virus immediately.

System Repair

Virus Removal Instructions

Success Rate: 100%
Virus Lab Tests: 4
OS’s Tested: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
System Repair Virus Samples Tested: 3
Removal Tool: Spyhunter

The virus removal instructions we have outlined below has been proven remove the System Repair Virus. You must be on the infected computer when performing these steps.

1 To begin, go ahead and reboot the infected computer. If the infected computer is turned off, go ahead and turn it on.

2 Immediately as the computer begins to boot, press F8 many times. Pressing F8 allows you to access the Advanced Options Menu.

3 Once you are in the Advanced Options Menu, use your arrow keys and select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press enter when you have selected that option.

Safe Mode with Networking

4 Windows will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. Safe Mode with Networking will allow you to remove System Repair which it would not allow when Windows was in normal mode.

5Now it is time to begin the System Repair removal process. On your keyboard, click and hold the Windows key, then press the R key. See keyboard diagram below.

Keyboard Shortcut

6 After you have pressed the Windows and R key, the Windows Run Box will open. Type exactly the following into the run box and click OK:

iexplore //

Windows Run Remove System Repair

After clicking OK, your computer will connect to the internet and download our recommended virus removal program called Spyhunter.

7 When you see the Spyhunter download box, click the Run button. The picture of the download box is below. After you click the “Run” button, Spyhunter will launch. If your computer asks if you are sure you want to run Spyhunter, click OK. The Spyhunter installation will begin. After fully installing Spyhunter the virus scan will automatically begin.

Spyhunter Download Box Click Run

8 After Spyhunter has scanned your computer you will see the System Repair virus name in the scan results. Simply click “Fix Threats” to remove the virus.

9 After you click “Fix Threats” you are going to need to register Spyhunter to remove System Repair. Please register Spyhunter and the virus will be removed.

Registering Spyhunter offers superior benefits including real-time constant protection against any potential threats. Spyhunter will detect and remove any future threats that may occur including viruses, spyware, trojans, registry infections and more. It is a great all-in-one solution for your computer security needs and that is why we recommend it.

10 After you have registered Spyhunter, and the virus was removed, you can safely reboot into Normal Mode. The System Repair Virus will be completely gone.

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Restore Hidden Files and Folders

Perform this AFTER you removed the System Repair Virus

Unfortunately one of the side effects of becoming infected with the System Repair Virus may be that your files and folders appear to be completely gone. However, the majority of the time they are only hidden, not deleted. Let’s begin to restore them. These steps must be performed after you have removed the System Repair Virus and have rebooted back into Windows normal mode.

(a) Go into the C: drive

First you must access the C: drive root directory.

1. Open up “My Computer”. Open the C: drive.

Enter C Drive

(b) Access Folder Options

Once you are in the C: drive you will see “Tools” on the menu bar.

1. Select Tools
2. Select “Folder Options”

Select Tolls and then Folder Options

(c) Select Show Hidden Files

Once you are in “Folder Options” you can un-hide the files in the C: drive.

1. Select View Tab
2. Select the “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives” option.
3. Click “Apply”, then click “OK”.

Unhide Folder Options

(d) Highlight all contents and view properties

Now that you have un-hidden the contents of the C: root directory it is time to un-hide everything in the entire C: Drive.

1. Highlight all of the contents of the C: root directory.
2. Right click on the highlighted contents.
3. Select Properties

Select All then Right Click Properties

(e) Uncheck the “Hidden” box

You are now going to set everything in the entire computer to visible.

1. Uncheck the “Hidden” box.
2. Click Apply.
3. Click OK.

Unhide all C Drive Contents


You should now be able to see everything throughout your entire computer. Your desktop icons should reappear as well as your start menu items.


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