Android Security – Malware Threat

Android Security Faces Huge Malware Threat             During the rise of the technological advancement, it has been evident that work has been made easier, communication became faster as time went buy, and information has been readily accessible to almost everyone with just a few punches on our laptops.   However, nobody really noticed that some people are starting to abuse the advancement of technology against the security. In the words of Andrea Lelli, Symantec Senior Software Continue Reading

Google Android Malware Threat

Android is an ideal target for malware creators and spammers for a couple of reasons. First of all, Android has the largest market share among mobile phones. This means that when a malware writer creates a new piece of software, it will get the most exposure on the Android platform. Additionally, when compared to Microsoft's Windows phone or an iOS platform, the Android platform is much easier to work on. This is partially due to the amount of freedom developers are given for creating Continue Reading

Android Becomes A Malware Hotspot

There is one aspect of Mac computers that Apple lovers have long boasted about for years. "They don't get viruses! They aren't attached by spyware! They aren't infected by malware!" Although some individuals are going to say it is impossible (which it isn't), the fact that Mac computers are less likely to become infected is true. There are several reasons behind this. First off, although Mac as a brand sells a considerable amount of computers, PC based systems, with all the manufacturer's Continue Reading