Botnet: A Lone Cyber Criminal’s Greatest Ally

When people hear the word "hacker", they generally associate it with the idea that they are all shadowy individuals that are brilliant with computers and try to break into government facilities on a daily basis. For the most part though, what many people would call "hackers" are just regular people like you and me. Alone, most hackers have a hard time with some malicious activities. It's extremely difficult to shut down a website on your own for example. This is why, in most cases, you don't Continue Reading

The TDL-4 Botnet: Over 4 Million Computers Infected By This “Indestructible” Virus

There is a new botnet making news. It is called TDL-4, the fourth version of the TDL-4 botnet. After examination by many security experts, some are saying it is almost indestructible. After careful analysis, the TDL-4 botnet is well written and very hard to remove. The creators of the TDL-4 botnet were very keen on keeping the origins of the botnet disguised and at the same time making its removal difficult. Recent botnet shutdowns seems to have caused the creators of TDL-4 to pay extra Continue Reading

Coreflood Malware Botnet Shutdown: FBI Now After Those Responsible

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, has begun the systematic approach of shutting down a major botnet and attempting to capture its creators. The Coreflood botnet, which is over 10 years old, had been operating with impunity until recently when the FBI seized control of its servers. A botnet is a large group of computers under the control of cyber criminals and used to perform malicious tasks that the hackers wish to perform. Any computer can become a part of a botnet if it is infected Continue Reading