Browlock Virus – Removal Instructions

Browlock is a deceptive computer virus which may cause severe harm to your computer.  Browlock is a form of ransomware, which will block your computer browser and attempt to trick users into paying a penalty. Do not pay the penalty required by this malware. Instead, remove Browlock from your PC immediately so you can restore your computer to full functionality. Here is a screenshot of what Browlock looks like when it makes an appearance on your computer: Continue Reading

Kovter Police Virus – Removal Instructions

Kovter police virus is an extremely destructive type of malware known as ransomware. Kovter police virus will encrypt your files one by one until it is removed from your computer, while it demands that the ransom be paid. Do not follow the instructions of the Kovter police virus. Instead, we highly recommend that you immediately remove this destructive virus from your computer in order to prevent a total loss of your PC and files. This malware cannot be removed by shutting down or restarting Continue Reading

Remove Cryptolocker Virus – Removal Instructions

Cryptolocker is a type of virus that infects computers running Microsoft Windows. Cryptolocker has been spreading around the world quickly, and thousands of computers running Windows have been infected since it first surfaced in September 2013. The Cryptolocker virus is actually a ransomware trojan, which tries to trick users into paying a fee in order to remove the infection. The trojan will affect the way the computer is running, and a popup window will show up on the infected computer telling Continue Reading

PRISM Virus – NSA Computer Locked – Removal Instructions

Your computer has been locked! PRISM. NSA Internet Surveillance Program. PRISM computer crime prosecution section. This is the infamous warning that users are seeing on their computer screens. The notice is purportedly from PRISM, the surveillance program. Fortunately this is not a real government computer lock, but unfortunately it is a virus. You should remove the PRISM virus as soon as possible. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. These computer lockdown viruses have been Continue Reading

Police Virus – Removal Instructions

The Police Virus locks your computer with a police notice and tells you to pay a fine in order to unlock your computer. The Police Virus typically requests payment from UKash or PaySafeCard. If your computer screen is locked then it has the Police Virus on it. Please remove the virus immediately. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. There are numerous versions of the police computer block spreading throughout the internet. Many of the computer locked variations come in Continue Reading

Your Computer Has Been Locked – Virus Removal

A notice stating Your Computer Has Been Locked displayed on your screen is a virus. This computer locked scam is spreading rapidly throughout the internet and has infected thousands. If your computer is locked you are infected with a classic police scam. You must remove the Your Computer Has Been Locked virus immediately to regain access to your computer. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. Is your computer locked and you see a law enforcement or police notification on your Continue Reading