Federal Reserve Infiltrated By Anonymous

A group of hackers who collectively call themselves as Anonymous has been involved in a string of security attacks on US Government Agencies. Recent victim of these attacks is the Federal Reserve website. From one of its internal website, personal Information of 4,000 US bank officials were reportedly stolen from its server. The hackers' publication has revealed information such as names, email addresses, contact numbers and even login credentials. The Federal Reserve has toned down the Continue Reading

Java Is Becoming A Constant Security Issue

Java is an extremely common software that is used around the world by thousands of people. If you keep up with tech news, you probably know that the Java platform is also particularly insecure. Recently, the insecurity was found to be such a threat that the United States Department of Homeland security has instructed people who have it installed on their computer to have it disabled. Apple also responded to the security threat by having the Java plug-in blocked on their OS X. The Main Continue Reading

Hackers Attack City Water Pump Shutting It Down

In Springfield, Illinois, hackers recently were able to work their way into the city's computer system and manipulate the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). The virus the hackers uploaded was able to continually turn the water pump on and off. It was this continuation that caused the actual pumps in the water pump to burn out. This prank turned into a very destructive, and costly problem for the city of Springfield, which is now required to not only replace the burnt Continue Reading

InMotion Hosting Hacked Causing the Defacement Of Numerous Websites

InMotion Hosting, a company based in California, was hacked on Sunday September 25th, 2011, causing the defacement of numerous websites which were hosted with InMotion. The hack involved the insertion of an index.php file onto a large majority of InMotion's servers, causing websites to contain a message from those who performed the hack. The defacement contained a simple black background page which stated that the website was hacked by a known hacker based out of Bangladesh. The index.php Continue Reading

More Hackers From LulzSec and Anonymous Arrested

In another round of arrests, the FBI claims that it has arrested members of Anonymous and LulzSec. The FBI has been cracking down on the two hacker groups after numerous high profile hacks this year. Anonymous has claimed responsibility for several high profile hacks including the hacking of over 70 law enforcement websites throughout the US. Anonymous publicly stated that the hacking was performed in retaliation for arrests of its members overseas. Anonymous also took an extremely bold Continue Reading

3 Things You Should Do To Make Your Website More Secure

Is your website secure? You should always check and confirm that your website is safe for visitors and that any security loopholes are closed. This past week it was reported that GoDaddy is hosting hundreds of compromised websites. The htaccess files associated with each hacked website were causing any visitors to automatically redirect to a website containing malware. What is scary is the fact that there were hundreds of GoDaddy account holders who were completely unaware of that their site Continue Reading

Facebook Offers Money To Hackers Who Find Security Flaws

Is Facebook preparing for Anonymous? In an attempt to tighten up security Facebook would love it if you hack their site and then tell them exactly how you did it. As a matter of fact, they have already paid out more than $40,000 in their new “Bug Bounty” security campaign to make Facebook a safer site. When they launched this campaign three weeks ago inviting everyone to have them from security specialist to part time hackers. If the uncover any security holes Facebook will pay a Continue Reading

No Longer Disbanded: LulzSec Hackers Target British Tabloid The Sun

LulzSec, the hacker group responsible for infiltrating high profile companies and government websites, has struck again. Back in late June, LulzSec claimed it had closed shop and stopped it operations. However, this seems to have been a premature exit. After the major phone hacking scandal by the British tabloid News of the World, News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch has faced much criticism. LulzSec decided to up the criticism by hacking another tabloid website owned by Rupert Murdoch, The Continue Reading

International Cyber Security Protection Alliance ICSPA Formed To Fight Global Cyber Crime

The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, also known as ICSPA, has been created to fight global online cyber crime and the criminals responsible. The alliance was officially created on Tuesday in London, England. The alliance was formed to aid in the sharing of information between multiple security companies, governments and all other members of the ICSPA. The sharing of information is critical in the fight against cyber crime. The alliance includes governments, private Continue Reading

Electronic Arts Becomes Another Gaming Giant To Fall Victim To Hackers

US video game giant Electronic Arts (EA) became the latest victim of a series of hacker attacks described as "highly sophisticated," of which other victims have been ranged from the Central Intelligence Agency to Sony. According to a report on EA's website, the hackers struck a computer network that had been hosting BioWare Edmonton's "Neverwinter Nights" game forums. EA stated that personal information of its users including their names, passwords, email addresses, birth dates, CD keys, and Continue Reading