Windows Web Shield Virus – Removal Instructions

Windows Web Shield is one of the FakeVimes that joins such other viruses as Windows Antihazard Helper and Windows Trojan Sleuth. The dramatic rise in inexperienced computer users has created an entirely new genre of malware that preys on innocent people. There is a family of viruses known as FakeVimes that operate in a much bolder way than most previous viruses. In the past, viruses have either contaminated a computer or installed spyware that causes the user to unknowingly give up their Continue Reading

Windows Internet Guard Virus – Removal Instructions

Windows Internet Guard is a malicious computer virus, not a legitimate computer security program. Windows Internet Guard is currently infecting computers by installing without user permission.  To prevent extreme damage to your computer, we recommend that you follow the steps below to remove Windows Internet Guard completely from your system.Windows Internet Guard may suddenly appear on your computer as a pop-up. Windows Internet Guard downloads onto your computer without your permission and Continue Reading

Remove Windows Internet Watchdog Virus – Removal Instructions

Windows Internet Watchdog is rogue malware that is dangerous to your computer. Like many recent viruses, Windows Internet Watchdog is disguised as an authentic Windows based program. We recommend you follow the steps outlined at the end of this page to remove this virus completely and as quickly as possible. Here is an image of what Windows Internet Watchdog looks like. As you will see, Windows Internet Watchdog is designed to look exactly like a regular Windows program. Windows Internet Continue Reading

InMotion Hosting Hacked Causing the Defacement Of Numerous Websites

InMotion Hosting, a company based in California, was hacked on Sunday September 25th, 2011, causing the defacement of numerous websites which were hosted with InMotion. The hack involved the insertion of an index.php file onto a large majority of InMotion's servers, causing websites to contain a message from those who performed the hack. The defacement contained a simple black background page which stated that the website was hacked by a known hacker based out of Bangladesh. The index.php Continue Reading

Apple’s iCloud is the most recent target for Hackers Looking to Spread Spyware and Malware

Apple’s iCloud is the most recent target for Hackers Looking to Spread Spyware and Malware Search engines have become the target of a cyber scam that presents search results that lure users to nefarious URLs used to propagate malware and phish for personal information. Upon clicking a search listing URL, the user is unknowingly redirected to an attack portal that presents a false security announcement that states, “Visiting this site may pose a security threat to your system!” The user is Continue Reading

Which Internet Browser Is The Most Secure?

Techies constantly discuss the merits of Internet browsers. When they bring Internet Explorer into the conversation, they rarely have one good thing to say. But honestly, how significant is your choice of browser? Your choice could be very significant, and the reasons may surprise you. When asked about browsers, most people would probably come up with roughly these five: Firefox Opera Internet Explorer Safari Google Chrome Can you identify which browser is tops in Continue Reading

Child Internet Safety Tips From Spyware Help Center

Children spend more time now on wireless devices that they go outside. With this in mind, there are many reasons why parents should be concerned about a child's computer safety. One reason is parents, as well as children, can be potential victims of what their children do online. Drugs, credit fraud, pirated music, illicit pornography, and viruses are all reasons why a parent should monitor their child's online activities. In addition, online bullies, predators, and pedophiles should be Continue Reading

Spyware Help Centers Top Internet Safety Tips For Children: A Must Read For Parents.

In recent years parents have become increasingly worried about how to protect their children from the dangers of the internet. As a result, Greenwich has invited FBI special agent Chris Munger to visit the Arch Street Teen Center on April 27, as part of a special event sponsored by Greenwich Pen Women and Teen Center officials. The event, called "Internet Safety for all Ages," was inspired by a similar visit by FBI agent Tom Lawler to a local school. Agent Lawler supervises a team of agents Continue Reading

Internet Protection 2011 Virus Removal: You Should Remove This Now

A new virus has hit the internet today and is rapidly affecting users worldwide. The virus is Internet Protection 2011 Virus, another bogus program intended to commit financial fraud and steal peoples financial information. Internet Protection 2011 Virus functions similar to numerous other viruses of its type: scare computer users into giving their money. Internet Protection 2011 Virus Fake Scan: Alias: Internet Protection 2011 Virus Damage Level: medium Systems Affected: Windows Continue Reading