Virus – Removal Instructions

The virus is considered by computer security professionals as a browser hijacker and as a potentially unwanted program. A browser hijacker changes the user’s web browser settings without permission. A user contracts the virus by installing another program. Sometimes, free programs downloaded from the internet use bundled installations, meaning these installations will install more than just the desired program. Many times, when a user installs such a free Continue Reading

TorrentLocker Virus – Removal Instructions

TorrentLocker is destructive computer malware which downloads and installs itself on user computers without their permission. TorrentLocker is a dangerous computer virus that should be removed from your computer immediately. The steps outlined at the bottom of this page will help you remove TorrentLocker completely from your system. Our team has worked hard to test and find the easiest and best way to remove TorrentLocker virus. TorrentLocker will show up on the PC as a pop-up and may not go Continue Reading

Windows Internet Guard Virus – Removal Instructions

Windows Internet Guard is a malicious computer virus, not a legitimate computer security program. Windows Internet Guard is currently infecting computers by installing without user permission.  To prevent extreme damage to your computer, we recommend that you follow the steps below to remove Windows Internet Guard completely from your system.Windows Internet Guard may suddenly appear on your computer as a pop-up. Windows Internet Guard downloads onto your computer without your permission and Continue Reading

Western Union Money Transfer Email Virus Attack – Virus Help

We have a surge in calls and emails today on the latest email virus that poses as a Western Union email. This email will attempt to get you to download the attached file. The attached file is a Trojan infection that as of now we can’t find any software to remove it. The fake Western Union email tries to trick people into opening the attached file by telling them that they have money transfer and that they can cash the money transfer at any branch. We have received reports worldwide on this Continue Reading

Anonymous Hackers Vow To Destroy Facebook On November 5th, 2011

Once again the hacker group Anonymous is back at work doing what they do best, attempting to hack another big name organization. This time they are not after a Government or News outlet, they are after the mother of all websites- Facebook! They have vowed to destroy Facebook on November 5, 2011. They are claiming Facebook’s privacy issues and major account deleting is what's behind their goal of destroying Facebook. This is not their first brush with a major web company, they recently had Continue Reading

System Tool 2011 Virus Alert and Removal

From the makers of Security Tool may be one of the nastiest rogue viruses of all-time. System Tool has the ability be as much of a threat and perhaps surpass the damage caused by a similar virus we found several months ago called Security Tool virus. What separates the new System Tool from an older virus like Security Tool is that now, System Tool appears to be an updated version of Security Tool, but with more features which can harm a user’s computer. System Tool, or System Tool 2011 as Continue Reading

How to Find the Best Antivirus and AntiSpyware Software in 2011

As a well-trained and experienced PC expert, I’ve encountered and subsequently dealt with every type of malicious software known to man; I’m talking about viruses, worms, and rootkits, not to mention spyware and malware. Thankfully, most of the malicious code I’ve encountered has just been petty, harmless scareware designed to elicit fear. Throughout the years, however, I've also encountered a bevy of highly dangerous source code with the potential to seriously damage a computer or computer Continue Reading