TorrentLocker Virus – Removal Instructions

TorrentLocker is destructive computer malware which downloads and installs itself on user computers without their permission. TorrentLocker is a dangerous computer virus that should be removed from your computer immediately. The steps outlined at the bottom of this page will help you remove TorrentLocker completely from your system. Our team has worked hard to test and find the easiest and best way to remove TorrentLocker virus. TorrentLocker will show up on the PC as a pop-up and may not go Continue Reading

Vulnerability in Internet Explorer – Security Advisory 2794220

Security Advisory 2794220 was released by Microsoft to tackle certain vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8. The advisory mentioned that this vulnerability may allow remote code execution in Internet explorer. Meaning, this may allow an attacker to carry out arbitrary code if a user accessed a website which was deliberately created for such purpose. With this, the attacker could acquire the same user rights as the current user. However, users who have fewer user rights Continue Reading

Expect Some Great Features When Upgrading to Windows 8. Plus It’s Safer!

Expect Some Great Features When Upgrading to Windows 8. Plus It's Safer! In this day and age of computers, the old Windows programs like XP and Vista are not really the safest to use. With most of the security bugs now fixed in versions like Windows 7, the Business world can get even more by upgrading to Windows 8 when it is released to the public. Reality wise, the old Windows have out lived their usefulness. With the risk of hacking, security breaches that has not been resolved by older Continue Reading

Windows Restore Virus: Remove This Now

Windows Restore Virus is another scanning scam intended to fool computer users around the world into thinking that their computer is malfunctioning and infected. The alerts and scan results it produces are completely fake and are only intended to scam computer users into purchasing Windows Restore. Alias: Windows Restore Virus Damage Level: medium Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 The sole purpose of Windows Restore Virus is to scare computer users into Continue Reading

Microsoft Security Center 2011: Remove It Now

Microsoft Security Center 2011 Virus, also known as MS Security Center 2011, is another addition to the many scare tactic programs used by cyber criminals to fool computer users into paying for fake software. Microsoft Security Center 2011 produces fake system scan results, to ultimately frighten users into thinking that their computers are infected with different worms, viruses, Trojans and more. Alias: Microsoft Security Center 2011 Virus Damage Level: medium Systems Affected: Windows Continue Reading

The Constant Wave Of Microsoft Security Essentials Viruses

If you haven't noticed lately, there seems to be a trend in new viruses: Fake Microsoft Security Essentials. These viruses have been taking the internet by storm lately, and millions of people are being infected by them. So why are these viruses so good at infecting so many people? The main reason for these Microsoft Security Essentials viruses being so successful is their cleverness. The writers of these viruses have cloned the appearance of their fake software to that of legitimate Windows Continue Reading