Kovter Police Virus – Removal Instructions

Kovter police virus is an extremely destructive type of malware known as ransomware. Kovter police virus will encrypt your files one by one until it is removed from your computer, while it demands that the ransom be paid. Do not follow the instructions of the Kovter police virus. Instead, we highly recommend that you immediately remove this destructive virus from your computer in order to prevent a total loss of your PC and files. This malware cannot be removed by shutting down or restarting Continue Reading

Police Virus – Removal Instructions

The Police Virus locks your computer with a police notice and tells you to pay a fine in order to unlock your computer. The Police Virus typically requests payment from UKash or PaySafeCard. If your computer screen is locked then it has the Police Virus on it. Please remove the virus immediately. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. There are numerous versions of the police computer block spreading throughout the internet. Many of the computer locked variations come in Continue Reading