Browlock Virus – Removal Instructions

Browlock is a deceptive computer virus which may cause severe harm to your computer.  Browlock is a form of ransomware, which will block your computer browser and attempt to trick users into paying a penalty. Do not pay the penalty required by this malware. Instead, remove Browlock from your PC immediately so you can restore your computer to full functionality. Here is a screenshot of what Browlock looks like when it makes an appearance on your computer: Continue Reading

TorrentLocker Virus – Removal Instructions

TorrentLocker is destructive computer malware which downloads and installs itself on user computers without their permission. TorrentLocker is a dangerous computer virus that should be removed from your computer immediately. The steps outlined at the bottom of this page will help you remove TorrentLocker completely from your system. Our team has worked hard to test and find the easiest and best way to remove TorrentLocker virus. TorrentLocker will show up on the PC as a pop-up and may not go Continue Reading

Kovter Police Virus – Removal Instructions

Kovter police virus is an extremely destructive type of malware known as ransomware. Kovter police virus will encrypt your files one by one until it is removed from your computer, while it demands that the ransom be paid. Do not follow the instructions of the Kovter police virus. Instead, we highly recommend that you immediately remove this destructive virus from your computer in order to prevent a total loss of your PC and files. This malware cannot be removed by shutting down or restarting Continue Reading

Cryptowall Virus – Removal Instructions

It may seem to appear out of nowhere, a threatening message alerting you that you can no longer access the files on your computer unless you remit payment. The virus known as Cryptowall is a type of malware, malicious browser hijack, known as "ransomeware." After Cryptowall infects and disables a computer, poses as a law enforcement agency such as the FBI. Cryptowall make use fabricated logos from legitimate law enforcement agencies to make its case believable to users of computers infected by Continue Reading

Potential Security Risk with Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol

Internet applications like Facebook, online shopping and online banking are now part of our daily routine. To save time and minimize effort, most of our transactions or communications are done online. Most of us are enjoying the benefits of online activities but at the same time are also aware of the possible dangers that come with it. As much as we try to be responsible and careful, there will always be someone or something that would compromise the whole system. Let us take Transport Continue Reading

3 Things You Should Do To Make Your Website More Secure

Is your website secure? You should always check and confirm that your website is safe for visitors and that any security loopholes are closed. This past week it was reported that GoDaddy is hosting hundreds of compromised websites. The htaccess files associated with each hacked website were causing any visitors to automatically redirect to a website containing malware. What is scary is the fact that there were hundreds of GoDaddy account holders who were completely unaware of that their site Continue Reading

Anonymous Hackers Vow To Destroy Facebook On November 5th, 2011

Once again the hacker group Anonymous is back at work doing what they do best, attempting to hack another big name organization. This time they are not after a Government or News outlet, they are after the mother of all websites- Facebook! They have vowed to destroy Facebook on November 5, 2011. They are claiming Facebook’s privacy issues and major account deleting is what's behind their goal of destroying Facebook. This is not their first brush with a major web company, they recently had Continue Reading

Top 5 Computer Safety Tips From Spyware Help Center

I tend to be one of those folks regularly bribed or begged into solving computer problems for friends and family, and it’s easy to get irritated when I am stuck digging through a pile of problems that could have been prevented with a few simple clicks of the mouse. You can make life easier on yourself, me, and any other network savvy people you enlist to solve your computer woes by following these 5 simple steps that strengthen your computer’s security. If my freedom and sanity isn’t enough Continue Reading

Child Internet Safety Tips From Spyware Help Center

Children spend more time now on wireless devices that they go outside. With this in mind, there are many reasons why parents should be concerned about a child's computer safety. One reason is parents, as well as children, can be potential victims of what their children do online. Drugs, credit fraud, pirated music, illicit pornography, and viruses are all reasons why a parent should monitor their child's online activities. In addition, online bullies, predators, and pedophiles should be Continue Reading

Trojan Horse: The First Step In Spyware And Virus Infection

The term "Trojan" or "Trojan Horse" is not as common as "Virus" or "Spyware" in computer lingo. Most computer users are unaware that the trojan is actually one of the most important pieces in today's cyber criminals' arsenal. Trojans are the stepping stone of a bigger plan for spyware creators. They lay down the red carpet for spyware to eventually rush in and take over your computer. The term Trojan comes from Greek mythology. During the battle of Troy, the Greeks offer a giant wooden Continue Reading