How Secure Is Skype?

Not long ago, the thought of using a voice over Internet protocol program to effectively communicate would have been surprising. Since the Internet has become more commonplace though, many people use Skype daily to stay in contact with people over a distance. Skype is also used by many businesses as well. With all that in mind though, how secure is Skype? Skype as a Target Malware authors are always trying to find more new ways to get infiltrate people's computers. Skype has become a Continue Reading

Which Internet Browser Is The Most Secure?

Techies constantly discuss the merits of Internet browsers. When they bring Internet Explorer into the conversation, they rarely have one good thing to say. But honestly, how significant is your choice of browser? Your choice could be very significant, and the reasons may surprise you. When asked about browsers, most people would probably come up with roughly these five: Firefox Opera Internet Explorer Safari Google Chrome Can you identify which browser is tops in Continue Reading