Browlock Virus – Removal Instructions

Browlock is a deceptive computer virus which may cause severe harm to your computer.  Browlock is a form of ransomware, which will block your computer browser and attempt to trick users into paying a penalty. Do not pay the penalty required by this malware. Instead, remove Browlock from your PC immediately so you can restore your computer to full functionality. Here is a screenshot of what Browlock looks like when it makes an appearance on your computer: Continue Reading

TorrentLocker Virus – Removal Instructions

TorrentLocker is destructive computer malware which downloads and installs itself on user computers without their permission. TorrentLocker is a dangerous computer virus that should be removed from your computer immediately. The steps outlined at the bottom of this page will help you remove TorrentLocker completely from your system. Our team has worked hard to test and find the easiest and best way to remove TorrentLocker virus. TorrentLocker will show up on the PC as a pop-up and may not go Continue Reading

Kovter Police Virus – Removal Instructions

Kovter police virus is an extremely destructive type of malware known as ransomware. Kovter police virus will encrypt your files one by one until it is removed from your computer, while it demands that the ransom be paid. Do not follow the instructions of the Kovter police virus. Instead, we highly recommend that you immediately remove this destructive virus from your computer in order to prevent a total loss of your PC and files. This malware cannot be removed by shutting down or restarting Continue Reading

Cryptowall Virus – Removal Instructions

It may seem to appear out of nowhere, a threatening message alerting you that you can no longer access the files on your computer unless you remit payment. The virus known as Cryptowall is a type of malware, malicious browser hijack, known as "ransomeware." After Cryptowall infects and disables a computer, poses as a law enforcement agency such as the FBI. Cryptowall make use fabricated logos from legitimate law enforcement agencies to make its case believable to users of computers infected by Continue Reading

Google Android Malware Threat

Android is an ideal target for malware creators and spammers for a couple of reasons. First of all, Android has the largest market share among mobile phones. This means that when a malware writer creates a new piece of software, it will get the most exposure on the Android platform. Additionally, when compared to Microsoft's Windows phone or an iOS platform, the Android platform is much easier to work on. This is partially due to the amount of freedom developers are given for creating Continue Reading

Facebook Is Full Of Viruses, Malware and Spyware

Social networking website Facebook has become a major distribution channel for computers hackers that wish to spread viruses, malware and spyware throughout the internet. The amount of users on Facebook is estimated at 750 million at the time of this article. Being able to target 750 million people on one website is what makes Facebook such an easy choice for hackers. Facebook is rife with malicious files, scams and hackers who are intent on preying on millions of innocent Facebook users. Continue Reading

Trojan Horse: The First Step In Spyware And Virus Infection

The term "Trojan" or "Trojan Horse" is not as common as "Virus" or "Spyware" in computer lingo. Most computer users are unaware that the trojan is actually one of the most important pieces in today's cyber criminals' arsenal. Trojans are the stepping stone of a bigger plan for spyware creators. They lay down the red carpet for spyware to eventually rush in and take over your computer. The term Trojan comes from Greek mythology. During the battle of Troy, the Greeks offer a giant wooden Continue Reading

Infect, Scare & Sell: Avoid Being The Victim Of How These Viruses Are Operating

We are seeing more variations of viruses all operating in the same way: Infecting the users' computer, scaring the user with fake alerts and then selling the user the bogus software. Unfortunately millions of people around the globe are victimized by these rogue financial cyber scams. However, there are tell tale signs and ways to prevent these viruses and not become another statistic to the scam. Virus Distribution Almost all of these viruses are being distributed in the same manner, Continue Reading

XP Security Center 2011 Virus: Remove This Immediately

XP Security Center 2011 Virus is a cleverly orchestrated financial scam intended to fool users into believing their computer is compromised with viruses, spyware, malware and trojans. The alerts and scan results are 100% fake and their sole purpose is to trick computer users into eventually purchasing XP Security Center 2011. This is far from a legitimate Microsoft program, it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The XP Security Center 2011 Virus is introduced to a users computer via a trojan Continue Reading

Pirated Software: Major Hosts To Viruses & Spyware

Millions of people are infected each year with various forms of viruses and spyware. One major source for all of these infections is pirated software. How is pirated software linked to viruses and spyware? Here is how. Pirated software is mostly downloaded from torrents, a peer to peer file sharing method. However, verifying the safety of torrents is almost impossible. When someone downloads a program, movie, or song from a torrent they are putting themselves at high risk of virus infection. Continue Reading