Browlock Virus – Removal Instructions

Browlock is a deceptive computer virus which may cause severe harm to your computer.  Browlock is a form of ransomware, which will block your computer browser and attempt to trick users into paying a penalty. Do not pay the penalty required by this malware. Instead, remove Browlock from your PC immediately so you can restore your computer to full functionality. Here is a screenshot of what Browlock looks like when it makes an appearance on your computer: Continue Reading

Kovter Police Virus – Removal Instructions

Kovter police virus is an extremely destructive type of malware known as ransomware. Kovter police virus will encrypt your files one by one until it is removed from your computer, while it demands that the ransom be paid. Do not follow the instructions of the Kovter police virus. Instead, we highly recommend that you immediately remove this destructive virus from your computer in order to prevent a total loss of your PC and files. This malware cannot be removed by shutting down or restarting Continue Reading

MS Recovery Tool Virus Removal: How To Remove It

Here is another all too familiar additional to the rogue viruses: MS Recovery Tool. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, the MS Recovery Tool Virus injects a trojan onto a users' computer, produces fake alerts, downloads the main program and attempts to scare users into purchasing the "full version". Remember that this fake program is in no way legitimate nor is it affiliated with Microsoft. Alias: MS Recovery Tool Virus Damage Level: high Systems Affected: Windows 7, Vista, Continue Reading

Windows Antimalware Tool Virus: Removal Is A Must

Windows Antimalware Tool Virus is another malicious software program that is intended to fool computer users into believing it is a legitimate virus and spyware scanner. Windows Antimalware Tool Virus can infect a users' computer through many different avenues including peer to peer file sharing, malicious websites and attachments in scam emails. Windows Antimalware Tool Virus: Alias: Windows Antimalware Tool Virus Damage Level: medium Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Continue Reading

MS Removal Tool Virus: How To Remove It

Another virus made to appear like a legitimate Microsoft Program spreading quickly has recently been discovered. Many users are being tricked by a program called MS Removal Tool. This virus resembles software made by Microsoft, it even has the Microsoft logo, and appears to detect and remove malicious worms, viruses and other threats from infected systems. Alias: MS Removal Tool Virus Damage Level: medium Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 In reality, MS Removal Continue Reading

System Tool 2011 Virus Alert and Removal

From the makers of Security Tool may be one of the nastiest rogue viruses of all-time. System Tool has the ability be as much of a threat and perhaps surpass the damage caused by a similar virus we found several months ago called Security Tool virus. What separates the new System Tool from an older virus like Security Tool is that now, System Tool appears to be an updated version of Security Tool, but with more features which can harm a user’s computer. System Tool, or System Tool 2011 as Continue Reading