Findr Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

The Findr Toolbar is a potential malicious software. This malware is capable of attacking your PC without you knowing it. Like many other malicious software, Findr Toolbar leads your default search engine into or, instead of the default engine that you set. Using either of these engines will compromise your personal information and your browsing history. This information can consists of your full name, e-mail address, home address, contact number, and many Continue Reading

Protected Search or Protected Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

Protected Search Toolbar is another prospective malware or spyware that offers web search services. This malware can automatically download itself to the computer without the user’s permission. It latches itself to widely used internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It even poses as a browser extension or add on. Once added, the browsers get hijacked causing alteration in the internet configuration. Because of this, Protected Search virus is also referred to as browser Continue Reading