Browlock Virus – Removal Instructions

Browlock is a deceptive computer virus which may cause severe harm to your computer.  Browlock is a form of ransomware, which will block your computer browser and attempt to trick users into paying a penalty. Do not pay the penalty required by this malware. Instead, remove Browlock from your PC immediately so you can restore your computer to full functionality. Here is a screenshot of what Browlock looks like when it makes an appearance on your computer: Continue Reading

TorrentLocker Virus – Removal Instructions

TorrentLocker is destructive computer malware which downloads and installs itself on user computers without their permission. TorrentLocker is a dangerous computer virus that should be removed from your computer immediately. The steps outlined at the bottom of this page will help you remove TorrentLocker completely from your system. Our team has worked hard to test and find the easiest and best way to remove TorrentLocker virus. TorrentLocker will show up on the PC as a pop-up and may not go Continue Reading

Windows Internet Guard Virus – Removal Instructions

Windows Internet Guard is a malicious computer virus, not a legitimate computer security program. Windows Internet Guard is currently infecting computers by installing without user permission.  To prevent extreme damage to your computer, we recommend that you follow the steps below to remove Windows Internet Guard completely from your system.Windows Internet Guard may suddenly appear on your computer as a pop-up. Windows Internet Guard downloads onto your computer without your permission and Continue Reading

Findr Toolbar – Toolbar Removal Instructions

The Findr Toolbar is a potential malicious software. This malware is capable of attacking your PC without you knowing it. Like many other malicious software, Findr Toolbar leads your default search engine into or, instead of the default engine that you set. Using either of these engines will compromise your personal information and your browsing history. This information can consists of your full name, e-mail address, home address, contact number, and many Continue Reading

How Secure Is Skype?

Not long ago, the thought of using a voice over Internet protocol program to effectively communicate would have been surprising. Since the Internet has become more commonplace though, many people use Skype daily to stay in contact with people over a distance. Skype is also used by many businesses as well. With all that in mind though, how secure is Skype? Skype as a Target Malware authors are always trying to find more new ways to get infiltrate people's computers. Skype has become a Continue Reading

How Hacked Websites Spread Viruses

One of the many ways that viruses are spread and infect computers is through legitimate websites that have been hacked. This has been an ongoing problem throughout the internet. Hackers redirect users to a malicious website and instantly infect the visitor. If a hacker gains control of a popular website and is able to redirect the traffic to a separate malicious website, this can lead to mass virus infections. This type of virus distribution is nothing new and has been going on for a while. Continue Reading

Android Becomes A Malware Hotspot

There is one aspect of Mac computers that Apple lovers have long boasted about for years. "They don't get viruses! They aren't attached by spyware! They aren't infected by malware!" Although some individuals are going to say it is impossible (which it isn't), the fact that Mac computers are less likely to become infected is true. There are several reasons behind this. First off, although Mac as a brand sells a considerable amount of computers, PC based systems, with all the manufacturer's Continue Reading

Facebook Is Full Of Viruses, Malware and Spyware

Social networking website Facebook has become a major distribution channel for computers hackers that wish to spread viruses, malware and spyware throughout the internet. The amount of users on Facebook is estimated at 750 million at the time of this article. Being able to target 750 million people on one website is what makes Facebook such an easy choice for hackers. Facebook is rife with malicious files, scams and hackers who are intent on preying on millions of innocent Facebook users. Continue Reading

Infect, Scare & Sell: Avoid Being The Victim Of How These Viruses Are Operating

We are seeing more variations of viruses all operating in the same way: Infecting the users' computer, scaring the user with fake alerts and then selling the user the bogus software. Unfortunately millions of people around the globe are victimized by these rogue financial cyber scams. However, there are tell tale signs and ways to prevent these viruses and not become another statistic to the scam. Virus Distribution Almost all of these viruses are being distributed in the same manner, Continue Reading