Win 7, XP & Vista Total Security 2011 Virus Removal: Three Viruses You Need To Remove

The three viruses we are going to talk about are Win 7 Total Security 2011, XP Total Security 2011 and Vista Total Security 2011. Each of these three viruses appear dependent upon the Microsoft Windows operating system you are running. These viruses are not official products of Microsoft, they are fake malicious viruses intended to steal money from unsuspecting users wordwide. It is multiple stage scam. 1. Infect the user with a trojan. 2. Install the fake virus. 3. Perform the fake scan. Continue Reading

XP Security Center 2011 Virus: Remove This Immediately

XP Security Center 2011 Virus is a cleverly orchestrated financial scam intended to fool users into believing their computer is compromised with viruses, spyware, malware and trojans. The alerts and scan results are 100% fake and their sole purpose is to trick computer users into eventually purchasing XP Security Center 2011. This is far from a legitimate Microsoft program, it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The XP Security Center 2011 Virus is introduced to a users computer via a trojan Continue Reading