The Constant Wave Of Microsoft Security Essentials Viruses

If you haven’t noticed lately, there seems to be a trend in new viruses: Fake Microsoft Security Essentials. These viruses have been taking the internet by storm lately, and millions of people are being infected by them. So why are these viruses so good at infecting so many people?

The main reason for these Microsoft Security Essentials viruses being so successful is their cleverness. The writers of these viruses have cloned the appearance of their fake software to that of legitimate Windows Microsoft Security Essentials software. This copycat technique causes computer users to instinctively develop trust with the virus, something the user cannot afford to do and something that the virus developers want.

The viruses then implement scare tactics to steer the user into ultimately purchasing the fake Microsoft Security Essentials software. The combination of trust of the source and fear by the information is provides, leads to financial scams. So why aren’t people becoming keen to these fake scanning viruses? Well the virus creators are constantly releasing new “brands” of the software. Windows Stability Center, Windows Recovery System, Windows Repair and many more. Once the public becomes aware of a particular “brand”, they are introduced to a new unfamiliar virus.

Virus distribution also plays a major factor in the constant wave of these new Microsoft Security Essentials viruses. Big name websites like have inadvertently infected users’ computers with these viruses. File sharing websites are to blame as well. The viruses are released into file sharing networks and people are being infected when downloading from these networks.

How can they be stopped? Well, you need to have a good eye for fake programs and you also need to keep your security software up to date. It is highly recommend that everyone have real time protection on their computer, which monitors each website the user visits and alerts about potential threats. Keeping your computer safe 24/7/365 is the best way to avoid infection.

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