Turbo Clean PC

Due to recent popularity and discussions in our community about Turbo Clean PC, we decided to publish a page to provide some feedback on this popular optimization software program.

Turbo Clean PC - Screenshot

Turbo Clean PC – Screenshot

Is Turbo Clean PC Safe?

To determine if Turbo Clean PC is safe we sent it to our testing lab. Our lab uses a variety of computers with different operating systems. Additionally, our lab checked how easily it can be uninstalled from the computer and if it left any harmful files behind.  After a lengthy examination by our test lab on all major Microsoft Window Operating systems we found Turbo Clean PC to be 100% Safe to use.


  1. It is completely 100% safe to use.
  2. It was very easy to uninstall.
  3. It did not harm the computer system.

Does Turbo Clean PC Really Work?

To see if Turbo Clean PC works, a variety of tests were performed on the test computers. Results showed that it did clean the Windows registry. We also noticed an improvement with programs responding faster. When the Windows registry is clean, there should be an improvement in the computer’s’ speed. This did vary on the different test computers, mostly dependent on age and use of the computer. But all showed a moderate or significant improvement in speed.


Although it does not protect the computer from malware, spyware or viruses, Turbo Clean PC does clean up the Windows registry and should optimize performance as a result.

Summary of Findings on Turbo Clean PC

After reviewing Turbo Clean PC we are comfortable to say that yes, it is safe to use and it does work. In our opinion, it is a good PC Optimization program with the necessary tools to help clean up the Windows registry and optimize performance.

The downside is that the program is free to download, but there is a cost of $39.95 to register for the Premium version. Although there are a number of free PC Optimization programs available, the Premium version does come with free technical support for customers. What does that mean? If you decide to purchase Turbo Clean PC you will receive full Tech Support for your computer. This will cover its customers with removal of virus infections, file recovery, driver updates, and more. All of these tech support services are free and included with the purchase of Turbo Clean PC. We should note that these services usually cost hundreds of dollar with other programs.  


For more information about Turbo Clean PC visit their site at: www.turbocleanpc.com


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