Virus Lab – Malware Testing and Research

What separates the Spyware Help Center from almost all other sites providing advice on how to remove a particular computer virus is our intense testing. Every new virus and malware infection goes through a series of tests. We believe our rigorous testing, and the insight we gain from it, is what has propelled us into elite status in the virus removal community.

Our site is a culmination of tons of experience in the computer fields and many helping hands along the way. This page will detail some of the steps we take to ensure we are able to help as many people as possible with removing computer viruses.

Acquiring Malware Samples

Our motto is: Always Be Testing. Our testing process starts with how we acquire malware and viruses. Our staff uses several different approaches when it comes to finding malware. The most common way we find new malware is through our network alliances with other researchers, security software firms, and malware research websites. We also scour the internet and purposely browse known malicious websites to gather samples.

Believe it or not, it can be a very tedious and time consuming task to find new malware samples. We spend a lot of time finding our own malware samples in order to produce our own content and media. We want to make sure that what we tell our visitors is what we have experienced ourselves with each infection. All infections are different and must be individually tested.

Infecting Our Computers

We take the samples we acquire and immediately start testing and reverse engineering. We are always learning how to remove each infection from our test computers. We should mention that we test these malware infections systematically on a variety of Windows operating systems and computer configurations. Our test computers are definitely being pushed to the limits.

Why different Windows operating systems? Malware is known to behave differently depending on various Windows operating systems. We don’t stop once we have figured out how to remove the infection from the testing computers. We keep on going to find the fastest and easiest removal method to share with our visitors. Some infections require a certain method for removal and other infections require a completely different removal method. We find out what method works best depending on the specific infection.


Throughout this phase of our testing we document every single step by taking multiple screen shots of the infection’s graphic user interface, also known as GUI, and log it into the Spyware Help Center malware database powered by Google Docs. We post these screen shots on each individual virus post to help our visitors identify and confirm what their infection is.

We even go a step further and film the entire process. Some of our videos are true HD quality. We will go back and edit portions of the video and publish them on our site as well as our YouTube Channel. We publish these videos to help as many people as possible who have been impacted with these computer viruses. We take all of our own screen shots and create all of our own videos.

Our goal is to set the standard in what a true antimalware website should be.