Windows 8 Security Threat

Windows 8 security threat
Great power has its perks, but it also has a catch.

In the case of Windows’ early versions, it may have indeed been considered as the most dominant operating system platform when it encouraged open development to developers. However, opening their system for developers to extend and build on Windows opened it to some serious security threats.

Windows may have gotten the number one spot on the list of the world’s best operating systems, but since they allowed developers to practically do anything, Windows had become a very buggy platform and users can no longer feel safe in using it.

Malware programmers have the same access as any developer, so they too can do anything which, given their label, will be destructive to the system.

Maybe Windows have the best reasons for choosing to be an open platform, but it will have to regulate open development.

If Windows would be able to regulate the open development they granted, yes, there would still be developers who could not develop bug-free software, but it would somehow make Windows a safer platform.

So when Windows 8 entered the market, it did not allow the same open development to developers as it did in previous versions, thus making users gain more security. Downloading programs from the Windows Store now have more security precautions. They will need to meet specific criteria, which give viruses no opportunity to install themselves on PCs, which solely function with programs from the store.

One advantage of Windows 8 users is that they don’t need anti-virus software since their programs come from the Windows Store, which is a trusted source. However, new users may not have embrace that kind of security yet so they still have those anti-virus software installed, either by pessimism, ignorance or by habit.

However, if users download third-party software, security issues are still bound to enter the picture. Windows can only do so much, but it will still boil down to user and developer responsibility. Users should stop getting programs from third-party sources and developers should stop publishing software outside the Windows store, which can be directly downloaded.



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