Windows Functionality Checker Virus – Removal

How to Remove Windows Functionality Checker Virus

Windows Functionality Checker has been designed to block the installation of most virus removal products. (See the bottom of this page where we show you how to bypass the virus and remove this infection permanently.)

Windows Functionality Checker is a rogue program designed criminals. Although the program pretends to be a legitimate anti-spyware application, it is in fact a virus. Most often, the virus is obtained when a computer user visits a website that has been infected by hackers. Upon visiting the site, the program automatically downloads without the user’s consent and immediately begins using aggressive methods to convince the user to purchase a license for the program.

The user is subjected to a security scan that results in a flood of warnings that claim the computer is infected with a host of viruses and other dangerous malware. With its professional appearance and promise of full protection, Windows Functionality Checker seems to be the solution to ridding the computer of these viruses. The user then pays money to purchase a license for the program. Unfortunately, the program is a scam and the user still suffers from the Windows Functionality Checker virus even after investing in the program. The sole solution is to remove Windows Functionality Checker completely.

Screenshots of Windows Functionality Checker Virus

Windows Functionality CheckerVirus

The Effects of Windows Functionality Checker

Immediately after downloading, Windows Functionality Checker uses intimidation techniques to convince the user that the computer is infected with malware. First, the virus terminates all programs and makes it impossible to run any application. Upon termination, a warning is displayed that tells the user the computer is infected with a threatening virus. Users are also unable to run Internet Explorer. All attempts to run the program are met with an additional warning that says the system is under threat, viruses have been found and security is compromised.

None of these warnings are real, but users believe them to be authentic due to the legitimate look of Windows Functionality Checker, which promises to rid the computer of all infections. In an attempt to restore the computer, users invest in the program. Unfortunately, Windows Functionality Checker is the real virus. The only way to fix the computer is to remove Windows Functionality Checker completely.

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