Windows Smart Partner Virus – How to Remove

Remove Windows Smart Partner Virus

The Windows Smart Partner virus attacks while using a Windows computer system. The chances are high that if the Windows Smart Partner virus is not removed eventually you may see a program run every time the computer starts. The Windows Smart Partner will look just like an typical antivirus software program. This virus appears out of nowhere on the screen, and begins to run a fake scan of the hard drive.

This is a fake scan and in fact, the program that you believe is checking your hard drive is actually the Windows Smart Partner virus. This is because the program is a virus itself. The Windows Smart Partner virus is extremely malicious and may completely ruin the computers it infects, unless its removed. This virus installs itself from the Internet in a variety of different ways and, eventually, shuts down the system. At the conclusion of the fake virus scan, the virus actually asks you to pay to upgrade the service, in order to ensure it runs smoothly. If you do this, you actually are paying to have the virus infect your computer.

Screenshots of Windows Smart Partner Virus

Windows Smart Partner Virus

Windows Smart Partner Virus Removal
As soon as the Windows Smart Partner virus appears on the computer, it is important to remove it quickly. This is because the virus begins to infect different files on the hard drive, including files located on the system registry. These files control different programs and hardware installed on the computer, eventually leading to the programs and hardware not working on the computer. Over time, after a few different boot segments, the virus actually shuts down the operating system, leaving you with only one option: wiping the hard drive clean and reinstalling everything back on.

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