XP Home Security 2013 Virus – Removal Instructions

XP Home Security 2013 is a disguising virus that tries to fool people into surrendering their personal information. It tries to trick people into thinking that it is a real Windows program that is trying to protect them. It will try to scare the user with fake security alerts and browser hijacks. Removal instructions are at the end of the article.

XP Home Security 2013 Virus Image

XP Home Security
XP Home Security 2013 Virus
XP Home Security 2013

After the fake virus scan, XP Home Security 2013 will sometimes launch a browser window that will lead to a website that is promoting the product. It’s important to grasp that all of these messages are designed to get a person to trust the virus. After the virus has performed its fake scan, the program will request that you activate XP Home Security 2013 in order to remove the infections.

This virus is extremely good at sneaking its way onto a person’s computer. As soon as it is downloaded you will be likely to see some changes in your computer’s performance. The XP Home Security 2013 virus may also install additional unwanted software. The software that is installed may be part of the XP Home Security 2013 virus’s ploy to make you believe your computer is actually infected with viruses.

XP Home Security 2013 is a member of the Braviax family of viruses. When the virus is downloaded, it detects the user’s operating system and then conforms to the style of Windows. However, the XP Home Security 2013 virus is always changing. Depending on the person who uploaded the virus, it can do a number of different things to harm a computer.

We highly recommend you follow our instructions to remove XP Home Security 2013.

However, it may come with nothing extra at all and just try to trick you into activating fake software. Regardless, XP Home Security 2013 is extremely dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible. By default, the virus will hijack your web browser and send you to webpages that promote it. This will prevent the user from finding out how to remove it manually.

The XP Home Security 2013 virus is also very robust. If a person removes only some of the files that the virus uses, the virus will repair itself and continue to function. In order to remove XP Home Security 2013 manually, the computer must be launched in safe mode. Afterwards, the program needs to be confirmed for shut down in the Task manager. Then the correct files have to be removed from the system’s registry.

Manual removal of XP Home Security 2013 should only be done by computer professionals. If the wrong files are removed, the computer may stop working. The virus might come packaged with a worm that will destroy all of your computer’s files. XP Home Security 2013 may also come packaged with a key logger that will try to steal your login information to different websites.

The virus will continue to display fake security alerts and messages with the goal of getting the person to activate the software. All of these tactics that XP Home Security 2013 utilizes are fake. A person should never trust any information that they receive from XP Home Security 2013.

Remove XP Home Security 2013 using a professional virus removal program that we recommend. The recommend virus removal program is called Spyhunter. Scan, detect and permanently uninstall XP Home Security 2013 from your computer using Spyhunter.

Our virus removal instructions are thoroughly tested in our computer lab. We infected a test computer with the XP Home Security 2013 Virus, ran Spyhunter and successfully removed it. We highly recommend you follow our instructions to remove XP Home Security 2013.

XP Home Security 2013

Virus Removal Instructions

Success Rate: 100%
Virus Lab Tests: 5
Samples Tested: 3
Removal Tool: Spyhunter

The virus removal instructions we have outlined below has been proven remove the XP Home Security 2013 Virus. You must be on the infected computer when performing these steps.

1 To begin, go ahead and reboot the infected computer. If the infected computer is turned off, go ahead and turn it on.

2 Immediately as the computer begins to boot, press F8 many times. Pressing F8 allows you to access the Advanced Options Menu.

3 Once you are in the Advanced Options Menu, use your arrow keys and select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press enter when you have selected that option.

Safe Mode with Networking

4 Windows will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. Safe Mode with Networking will allow you to remove XP Home Security 2013 which it would not allow when Windows was in normal mode.

5Now that the virus is not running it is time to begin removal. On your keyboard, click and hold the Windows key, then press the R key. See keyboard diagram below.


6 After you have pressed the Windows and R key, the Windows Run Box will open. Type exactly the following into the run box and click OK:

iexplore //spywarehelpcenter.com/xp2013

Windows Run Remove Vista 2013 Virus

After clicking OK, your computer will connect to the internet and download our recommended virus removal program called Spyhunter.

7 When you see the Spyhunter download box, click the Run button. The picture of the download box is below. After you click the “Run” button, Spyhunter will launch. If your computer asks if you are sure you want to run Spyhunter, click OK. The Spyhunter installation will begin. After fully installing Spyhunter the virus scan will automatically begin.

Spyhunter Download Box Click Run

8 After Spyhunter has scanned your computer you will see the virus contained in the scan results. Simply click “Fix Threats” to remove the XP Home Security 2013 virus.

9 After you click “Fix Threats” you are going to need to register Spyhunter to remove XP Home Security 2013. Please register Spyhunter and the virus will be removed.

Registering Spyhunter offers superior benefits including real-time constant protection against any potential threats. Spyhunter will detect and remove any future threats that may occur including viruses, spyware, trojans, registry infections and more. It is a great all-in-one solution for your computer security needs and that is why we recommend it.

10 After you have registered Spyhunter, and the virus was removed, you can safely reboot into Normal Mode. XP Home Security 2013 will be completely gone.

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